No collar coat with good-looking

No collar coat with good-looking

Like many people may Xiaobian look at those shopping malls all kinds of beautiful collarless jacket, but always afraid to start, always think they have no charming sense of the neck line, it is not easy to wear collarless jacket , And always worried about the collarless jacket with a bad clothes. A Ran fashion women's wear today for everyone to wear teaching techniques to teach you how to tie-free jacket, and to fashion beautiful.


Want to wear a collarless coat does not have to be slender neck, in fact, shallow V-neckline and black breasted combination, they have a sense of visual extension, so that the neck is even more slender. Black cuffs farewell fat arm, with the self-cultivation pants or shorts & stockings, it is a sense of modern Oh, full of vitality of the lake green as if thrown into the bleak winter, into the vibrant spring.


The same is collarless coat, since it is not the V neckline, then it will be through the visual transfer to achieve the beautification effect. A large chest lace Lace Flower is playing this magical effect, sweet and romantic, simple Slim version of light and comfortable, set off a good figure. With white shorts and belt, it is the finishing touch.

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