Winter bloom to break the unique charm of fur, leather dominate

Winter bloom to break the unique charm of fur, leather dominate

Aesthetic beauty is everyone's nature, especially women, living in a busy city, want to blooming in the "flowers blooming garden" its unique charm, there is no very solid fashion foundation will inevitably be eliminated. West brand silk womens fashion will be closely linked with the development of the times, creating the perfect image of a woman's charm.


Want to wear clothing in the winter warmth, with the fur collar is essential. Continuous arrangement of the checkered pattern to break the cold feeling of light skin, the decoration of the belt to reduce the sense of bloated, with the color of the side of the blue package skirts skirt, you from the "dumplings" the ranks of liberation.

冬装打破绽放独特魅力 皮草、皮衣独领风骚

Has always been luxurious, grace the fur also put down the figure, and gown and jeans hole to a mix and match, both piercing the sense of hierarchy, but also significantly increased visual effects, sweet and wild combination of double-edged sword Wearing effect.

Picture Source: West silk dresses

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