Awesome jokes

Awesome jokes


The first antique jade fan

This kind of fans are also very interesting. Before they contacted jade, most of them were exposed to ancient jade, nephrite, porcelain, tooth horn and so on. There is basically no concept about jade. Therefore, some people in the Qing Dynasty took the Qing Dynasty, the unearthed land of the Republic of China, the shackles, and the eclipsed old emeralds everywhere to show off. See, the Qing Dynasty, passed on for generations, this bloody, this mercury, This soil erosion. To deal with this type of fans, it is necessary to bring them directly to the Jade auction, let them see how many old jadeites are valuable. Such a fascinating fan is the easiest to use as an antique dealer. It costs thousands of tens of thousands of old things to buy white, and it is easy to buy C goods. Still, the old jadeite is not in museums, auctions, or in the hands of collectors. The new material of a hundred years has been dug up. Still waiting for you to leak? ! Old jade, don't start! This is the advice.


The second pursuit of perfect amateur

This kind of jade fans know that most of the jadeites are from newspapers and TVs (Jianbao and the like), and most of them know the top jade, what are the four national treasures, the old pit glass is full of green bracelets and egg noodles. . Therefore, when such a jade fan is visiting the jade market, it is inevitable that the business is very stunned. No matter what kind of goods, the price is not a problem. The key is that the fans always feel that this is not enough for the old pit, that is not the glass type, the green is not enough. . All in all, such a fan is only suitable for the auction, although most of them are not big money, huh, huh. In our opinion, the 6-digit thing, in their opinion, cut! That is a few thousand pieces. Dealing with this type of fans, the most troublesome is the seller, no matter how you explain, he is not satisfied.


The third kinder

God bless the people who have enough to eat, but now there are some jewelry wholesale network,, everyone has a basic understanding of C goods, the general C goods are still not to mention. Poorly just liked the jade, there is no such channel to understand the jade fans, hey, went to Panjiayuan for a walk last weekend, saw a jade seller and a couple on the two emerald Guanyin bargain. I took a look, very beautiful ice kind of green flowers C goods, huh, huh, the couple bid 100 yuan a pair, js do not agree anyway, ask 150, huh, huh. I really want to tell the couple on the spot, 10 yuan to buy a pair. But I don't know what to say. These simple things are not the same. A few days ago, I saw that the gentleman said that the color was added to the color, and the heart suddenly became hairy, not a master, can you recognize it?


The fourth appreciation of value to buy jade

This kind of Cuiyou is convinced of the appreciation and preservation of the seller. Every day, he sees the point that he bought, and how much is expensive now. Oh, such a green fan, it is recommended to go to stock speculation. The jade is similar to the house, and the appreciation also preserves the value, but the premise is that you have to change hands. Otherwise, what is the value of the value? Therefore, there is a seller who flickers and raises the price. Oh, it’s also a strange one. One piece of advice, when buying jade, like to buy, do not have to consider what value appreciation. If one day, the emerald depreciated greatly, and it is as cheap as glass. Can we still cry? This kind of selling psychology is not suitable for buying jade.

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