Fragrant underwear joined enterprises "terminal store sales training"

Fragrant underwear joined enterprises "terminal store sales training"

Each terminal store is a small battlefield. The boss is responsible for the logistics support system, the manager is a general, chauffeur seamen is responsible for the development of a variety of war tactics, shopping guide is the striker battle front soldiers. Therefore, the manager and Purchasing Guide comprehensive ability and quality, to a large extent determines the outcome of this battle, that is, decided to agent sales performance of franchise stores, which determines the store's development prospects.


To better improve sales effectiveness terminal stores to promote the franchise and brand development agency, fragrant beauty brand underwear to join the company in particular has developed a comprehensive "terminal stores sales training" system. The main training for the manager: underwear brand knowledge, underwear product knowledge, store management skills, underwear sales skills, underwear display skills, communication skills, event planning and other aspects of knowledge; for Purchasing Guide training: underwear product knowledge, underwear brand knowledge, Underwear sales skills, communication skills and other aspects of knowledge.

Brand knowledge: Through the training of staff underwear brand knowledge, understanding of their underwear brand history, brand, brand features, etc., to enhance staff confidence in the brand, love, and enhance sales desire.

Product knowledge: including knowledge of underwear fabrics, underwear design features, main functions, selling points, etc., each underwear has a different fabric structure and design features, for the conditioning conditioning underwear in terms of people, different models of underwear effect is Not the same, some are to enhance breasts tall and straight, and some collect milk, and some with massage function, and some can be radiation and so on, through product knowledge training, enhance clerks underwear awareness, which in the store management process , To recommend the most suitable underwear for customers.

Communication Skills: The trust between people is to start from the communication, and the sale begins from trust. The clerks who communicate with each other will not only find suitable lingerie, but also enhance the customer's retention rate. They even communicate with excellent clerks and make friends with customers. Customers will also introduce friends and relatives to patronize and form a conscience cycle.

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