From fans to big size women's anchors: Taobao live drive featured market ushered in

From fans to big size women's anchors: Taobao live drive featured market ushered in

The beauty of the heart is there, and the fat girl is no exception. It’s just that fat girls often have difficulty buying clothes, and it’s harder to buy fashionable clothes. But Taobao is active in a group of large-size women's clothing stores tailored for the fat girls who love beauty, and the five-season home with 3.5 million fans is one of them.

The large-size women's clothing is different from the ordinary explosions. Only the special large-size models can be worn on the body, so that consumers with such personalized needs can see the good. Coupled with the large size women's clothing to wear fit, there are many small details to pay attention to, one or two pictures are difficult to say clearly. Taobao Live just happened to solve these problems perfectly.

Therefore, the five seasons began to broadcast live last year, and lived for nearly 14 hours a day. Large-size models with different styles and features are debuted in the live broadcast room, not only introducing clothes, but also teaching various tips for wearing large-size women's clothing. With the driving of Taobao live broadcast, the business of the five seasons is getting better and better. Now there are 23 large-size models of different styles in the five seasons, which is nearly five times that of the same period of last year. This year, Taobao’s sales in the 12th and 5th quarters have tripled compared with last year. The monthly sales are mainly driven by live broadcasts. There will be 5 million in the amount.

The story of the five-season large-size women's clothing through the Taobao live broadcast doubled the sales, but also the tip of the iceberg that the Taobao live broadcasts the characteristic market. With a deep understanding of consumers, Taobao has emerged more than 2,000 featured market segments such as children's furniture, maternity make-up, large-size clothing, programming toys, improved Chinese clothes, pet clothes, and small-sized homes. Rise.

The natural fit between the live content and the featured products will allow the Taobao-specific market, which is in rapid growth, to usher in a golden period. On the day of Taobao Double 12, the turnover of more than 70,000 live broadcasts increased by 160% compared with last year. For the featured market, the explosive power brought by Taobao Live is even more amazing.

More importantly, Taobao Live is a form of temperature and personality that can more fully display the lifestyles carried by various specialty products on Taobao. In terms of large-size women's clothing, Taobao live broadcast in addition to selling goods, the anchor's confidence in front of the camera is invisible to convey the attitude of life pursuit of beauty.

The live broadcast attracts consumers and is more infecting consumers. Nowadays, it has become a clear example of the five seasons. It is a vivid example from the fans who watched the live broadcast of clothes in the five seasons every week to become the "road of promotion".

In May of last year, the "Bao Ma" who had just given birth and had not lost her weight was still worried about where to buy clothes. She didn't want to wear a loose style of aunty at a young age. She wanted a large size women's dress. , not "aunt women".

Until the day when I was cleaning Taobao live, I was inadvertently brushing the Taobao shop "Five Seasons" and the "Fat Beauty" anchor was trying on the large size women's clothing. The intuitive upper body effect of the clothes in the live room made her heart move. After trying to buy it a few times, "decisive attention became a fan. From then on, I watched the live broadcast of the store every week to buy clothes," Ming said. "Every time I buy clothes, I fit perfectly and successfully cover the meat. It is."

In addition to watching Taobao live to buy clothes every week, another thought of changing the trajectory of life is also sprouting: "When I first saw the delivery address after receiving the goods, I felt that this shop is close to me. In addition, I watched the live broadcast every day and especially envied the two beautiful anchors. I thought that it would be nice if I had the opportunity to be a model." Plus the original work did not go well, December of that year, obviously I went to the five seasons home interview.

A year later, more than one million people in the live broadcast room saw her and her colleagues try on a variety of large-sized velvet skirts, telling how the beautiful girls who brushed Taobao lived in the winter to wear their most beautiful. That side.

Taobao Live has such magic power. It does not reward or invite stars, but focuses on displaying specialty products and the lifestyle behind it. This kind of "simple" gives it more powerful power to move the fans, let more people show their own personality, even if they do not necessarily become the anchor, they can become the stars of their lives.

Wen Zhong, senior director of Taobao content ecology, further said that in the next three years, Taobao live broadcast will drive the 500 billion scale transaction. With the further enlargement of the value of live content, Taobao live broadcast will drive the Taobao characteristic market to usher in further outbreaks, and the fan interaction around the featured market will be further enhanced. More life-oriented concepts are conveyed with the display of the anchor, and consumption on Taobao is becoming warmer.

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