Identification of new jade dyeing technology

Identification of new jade dyeing technology

In recent years, with the continuous development of the jade market and the continuous innovation of processing methods, imitating the jade A goods is more and more realistic.

Jade B+C goods are more common words in recent years. This is because the jade dyeing technology has made new progress. This makes it more and more difficult to identify jade.

For the common dyed jade, that is, jade C, because its dyed color is mainly concentrated in the jade crack, we can observe that the colorant is distributed in the form of a wire in the jade. However, the Jade B+C product is first dyed and then injected directly into the colored glue. And during the injection process, the dye color will be lightened and the color will tend to be uniform. As a result, I can't clearly see if the colorant in the dyed area is distributed in a mesh form. Therefore, this greatly increases the difficulty of identifying the authenticity of the jade.


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