Reserved brand women's autumn and winter 2014 new advertising large

Reserved brand women's autumn and winter 2014 new advertising large

New sharp fashion brand Reserved 2014 autumn and winter series advertising full version exposure. The daughter of Mick Jagger, the lead singer of the Rolling Stones, and the supermodel, Georgia May Jagger, appeared as spokespersons and showed their style.

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Georgia May Jagger became Reserved's spokesperson for autumn and winter. Since early July, she has performed the latest fall series for the brand during the Berlin Fashion Week. This series of shots was shot in London. The Autumn and Winter Collection Reserved introduces a variety of styles of clothing, including "Street Fashion" where sexy and sporty elements can be found, "Modern Line", which focuses on simplicity and embodies modern elegance combined with classic elements, and displays a youthful and vibrant city. Style "YFL" series. Reserved The concept of "Let's fashion" was proposed in this ad, encouraging bold mix-and-mix and real personality, integrating fashion into everyday wear. The Georgia May interpretation of a number of different styles and materials of clothing, and she said that the favorite is the puffy skirt, because it feels cute and very Christmas atmosphere.

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