The basic flow of packaging machinery equipment

The basic flow of packaging machinery equipment

Baler we think everyone should not be unfamiliar, everywhere in the packaging industry. This "big guy" has made our quality of life better and better, and it has also promoted the development of our country. I think we should just have heard it but didn't go deeper, so let me give it to everyone.

First, the working principle of the baler

The packaged object is basically in the middle of the baler. First, the right top body is raised and the front end of the strap is pressed. The strap is tightened and bound on the object. Then the left top body is raised and the lower strap is pressed in place. The heating piece extends into the middle of the two straps. The top knife rises, cuts the strap, and finally places the next strap to the end to complete a work cycle.

Second, the packaging machine workflow

The strap is delivered to the place → The strapping signal is received → The brake is released and the main motor starts

(1)→The right top knife rises, and the right hand brings you to the skateboard

(2) → "T" guides retract

(3)→Proximity switch sensing to withdrawing probe

(4)→The main motor is stopped, the brake is engaged

(5)→The baler moves back with the motor and it takes 0.35 seconds to withdraw.

(6)→Tighten the strap on the object

(7)→Main motor secondary start, brake pull

(8)→Big pendulum rod secondary pull strap, tighten the strap

(9) → The left acrosomatic body rises, pressing the lower band

(10)→ Heater extends into the middle of the two belts

(11)→The top knife rises and cuts the tape

(12)→Decrease of the top knife

(13)→The top knife rises again, making the two tapes firmly bonded

(14)→The top knife drops, and the top knife and the left knife drop at the same time

(15)→ Heater reset

(16) → Skateboard retreat

(17)→"T" guide plate reset

(18)→Proximity switch sensing to tape probe

(19)→Send belt motor starts to drive belts

(20) → Large swing lever reset

(21)→Belt in place, with head on top of “T” guide (22) → Proximity switch sensing to dual probe

(23)→The main motor stops, brakes close

(24) → The baler completes a work cycle

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