Autumn new season is love with a strong attack

Autumn new season is love with a strong attack

New semester, new look, what kind of state will you meet for classmates and teachers? Whether to dress clean, fresh then? Do not want to start classmates Zhuangshan. It must have its own set of personality with ,, a week show, a large collection of new clothes, let you walk in the forefront of the trend, not Zhuangshan embarrassment. Photo: Paula Barra Children's clothing 2013 autumn new opening new clothes, Paula Barra children's clothing both positive and negative transform different styles, both positive and negative hoodies jacket will give the infinite creativity of smart young Oh, a clothing two styles of design, whether it is bright Red, or a low-key denim color, can match a wonderful opening season. Photo: Paula Barra children's clothing 2013 autumn new plaid shirt is a favorite of mothers, the fall season shirt naturally became a mother selected models for the baby, the new sequins baby dress up, the infinite charm of the plaid shirt to build Sunshine Junior School, fresh plaid shirt with a long white T-Khaki slacks, happy new generation, Yang Guan Junior School style.

  • Dust-proof and smog-proof sports cycling mask, with comfortable to wear and stylish appearance
  • Five layers of activated carbon filter layer to filter harmful substances in the air
  • Widely used in outdoor activities, such as running, jogging, cycling, horseback riding, hiking, skiing, snowboarding.
  • Cycling Mask is removable and washable, please remove the filter when cleaning (can not clean the activated carbon filter)
  • Normally, it is recommended to replace the filter every 30 days. If the Sport mask is frequently used, replace the filter when it becomes black or damaged.

Cycling Mask

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