The tide brand women's fashion TITI landed in Shenzhen Evening News

The tide brand women's fashion TITI landed in Shenzhen Evening News

In the new fashion version of Shenzhen Evening News, the fashion version of Xiaobian in the vast number of women's brand in Shenzhen, with a critical look, trendy point of view, they explore the full range of big fan of Europe and the United States style, sweet and fresh Japanese and Korean style, classical Elegant Chinese style. Their principle is to reject mediocrity and boring, publicity personality and mood, especially for beauty you carefully introduced the most IN fashion apparel. In July 26, 2013 Shenzhen Evening News Fashion, the recommended 10 Shenzhen most tide brand women, TITI women's list!


TITI women do fine every detail, every element of play, no need to be quick to keep up with the pace of it, the laziest you can immediately grasp the current popular style, quickly become the most shining star Van children, let When you are in love, at work, occupying the forefront of communication, showing your fashion taste.


TITI adheres to the spirit of "International Charm, Inviting Brands", drawing inspiration from French romance and nostalgic elegance, adding the needs of the mass market and the taste of international lifestyles to create a life journey of a legendary woman, one Classic and romantic ladies story, a beautiful, elegant woman's wonderful confidence. Her pursuit of classic romantic fashion and exquisite life, she loves to go full of stories and customs of the local tourism, collecting the unique charm of all over and then interpret a legendary and fabulous worry-free life.

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