Brief introduction of linen

Brief introduction of linen

Flax is an important raw material of the hemp textile industry, and its fiber is strong, soft, and has a good color. Flax fiber is strong, it is not easy to rot in water, and has a waterproof effect, in addition there are unique advantages of friction resistance, high temperature resistance, fast heat dissipation, low dust collection rate, easy to tear, non-flammable, no static electricity, high resistance to acid and alkali, etc. It is the first choice of textile raw materials for the pursuit of green environmental protection and is known as the "Queen" in natural fibers.

It is recorded in various ancient herbal texts in ancient times. Flaxen is warm, non-toxic, blood-activating, detoxifying, detoxifying, liver-kidney, and skin care. It is especially effective in skin treatment. Chinese textile experts believe that linen is the plant's cortex fiber. Its function is to approximate the human skin, protect the body, regulate the temperature and other natural properties. Linen garments can reduce the perspiration of the human body compared to other fabrics. The rate of water absorption is several times faster than silk and rayon fabrics and even more than cotton fabrics. The contact with the skin creates a capillary phenomenon, which is an extension of the skin. The natural breathability, hygroscopicity, refreshingness and moisture absorption of flax make it a textile that can breathe freely. At room temperature, it can make the temperature of the human body feel down by 4-8°C, which is called “natural air conditioning”.

Flax fibers have important uses in the textile industry. Compared with cotton and wool, flax fibers are less flexible and elastic, but they have higher strength and are stronger than hemp in hemp crops. With special textile technology, linen fibers can be spun into high count yarns and woven into exquisite fabrics. In Ireland, Scotland, France and Belgium, linen weaving has a long history, and linen textile technology has been greatly developed in these regions. Woollen fibers can be used to make towels, mats, strings, canvases, backpacks, bank notes, and the like.

The survey showed that: linen underwear can adjust the human meridian system and endocrine system, thereby sedating the central nervous system; linen used as bedding, refreshing effect is better than cotton products, people not only easy to sleep, but also sleep sweet, is conducive to Beauty and health. Not only that, but because the flax fibers are hollow, rich in oxygen, so that anaerobic bacteria can not survive, antibacterial properties are good, is a health fabric. Linen also does not generate static electricity because of the positive and negative charge balance, no dust sucks, the hygienic performance is also talked about for people. Thanks to the many advantages of flax and its elegant return to nature, it is recognized as an environmentally friendly product.

Linen products have always been loved by consumers. Especially in some developed countries, flax products are high-end products, a symbol of fashion and identity, and are favored by consumers because of their natural green and environmental characteristics. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards in our country, people have also increasingly preferred the unique concept brought by linen.

As a kind of raw material type health care textile, hemp textile has attracted more and more attention. In order to develop, research, and confirm the health care function of hemp textile more scientifically and practically, people have done a lot of verification and verification experiments and appraisal work. Now we introduce the situation of flax as follows:

Hygiene: The president of the Russian Academy of Linen and Bast Research, Rivigin’s appraisal believes that for the human body (especially for dermatological patients) no fabric can be worn compared to linen.

2, comfort: United States S. Davis uses EEG to record the movement of the eyes and the humidity between the mat, body and skin temperature on the impact of sleep on the survey showed that compared with Cotton Sheets, using linen mats People are more likely to fall asleep and sleep better, and they feel better after waking up.

3. Coolness: The Russian research institute conducted a seven-year experiment in Central Asia, which proved that wearing a linen garment is 2 to 2.5 degrees Celsius lower than the surface temperature of cotton and silk garments, and the temperature between the skin and clothing is more than that of the linen fabric. Other fabrics are 3 to 4 degrees Celsius lower, and linen fabrics have only 70% of the cotton fabrics.

4. Antimicrobial property: The method of contact method used by the Department of Hygiene Microbiology, School of Public Health, Shanghai Medical University to test the survival of bacteria on three kinds of mats at different times showed that the linen mat had significant antibacterial effect compared with the bamboo mat and straw mat. The antibacterial rate of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and white bacillus is up to 65% and the antibacterial rate against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus is more than 90%.

Hemp clothing drying

1. The washing requirements of the linen fabric are basically the same as those of the cotton cloth, but the soaking time should not be too long. Because hemp fiber is generally more rigid, poor cohesion. Should be lightly kneaded, and should not be rubbed strongly on the seesaw, avoid using a hard brush to avoid lint. Need to pay attention to ramie clothing, otherwise it will feel itchy and uncomfortable after fluffing.

2. After rinsing, it cannot be screwed or dehydrated to prevent the hemp fibers from slipping, affecting the appearance and durability. When drying, the collar and seams of the clothes should be pulled flat and can be sun-dried, but do not expose them to prolonged periods to prevent fading.

3. The stains on the linen fabric were also removed in the same manner as the cotton fabric, but there was a slight burn mark on the linen fabric. Can be wiped with a piece of lemon and then exposed to sunlight for a while.

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