EBUDA'S "Ye. Time" Conference Released at the 14th Shenzhen Fair

EBUDA'S "Ye. Time" Conference Released at the 14th Shenzhen Fair

EBUDA'S "Ye. Time" conference was unveiled at the 14th Shenzhen Trade Fair in 2014. It was inspired by the experience of time and the perception of life. The embarrassing city, the ambiguous mood, and the overly impetuous society make us always intertwined or pass by the good times. The time requires everyone to feel attentively and actually grow together with the years. It is a great enjoyment and happiness. Only by slowing down can we experience the beauty and beauty of life.

The entire conference will be divided into three series, "80/90 New Forces" in simple atmosphere, "elegant Baroque" in low-key and exquisite, and "Feelings in Others" in the spirit of intellectuality. Every woman who wears EBUDA'S will be able to wear it. Express a casual, detached fashion. It is not a deterrent to the worldly situation. It is the pursuit of another positive attitude that goes beyond ordinary life.

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