European antique clock worth nearly 30%

European antique clock worth nearly 30%

European antique clock worth nearly 30% European antique bells have been increasingly appearing in people’s sights since the collective “testing” of the Chinese auction market at the end of last year, and have gradually become a concern and recognition for collectors. Experts believe that collecting antique clocks “play” is history, that is, knowledge, humanistic value, and cultural connotation; suggestions for beginners may wish to see more, ask more, think more, and compare more.

French bronze gilt fisherwoman statue fireplace clock.

There are few collectors in the current market situation, and recent prices have risen by more than 20%. “The current collection of antique clocks is not too large. There are far fewer collectors of porcelain and ancient paintings. Even many antique clock collectors are still contemplating investment appreciation. When the price goes up, they will sell it.” Li Weiren, a collector who collected more than 100 antique bells, told reporters that at present, antique clocks, antique watches, and even new watches are all sold very well in Asia: “Basically these When things are transported to mainland China, people don’t even look at it and immediately swipe their cards to buy hundreds of thousands of dollars of watches.Of course, the collection of antique clocks has good prospects, especially the early British bells and French bells. Very particular about the gold plating is also very good plating, and now it looks very bright. With the rise in the price of gold, the price of the antique clock is also 20% to 30% higher than the previous period."

"Now, the ancient Chinese palace clock has already entered the 'billion' series of auctions in the art auction market, and a large variety of antique Western clocks are due to their practical value of the production techniques, appreciation value of manual art, and refraction. The historical humanistic values ​​are also appreciated by savvy collectors, and they are hidden in play,” said Huang Chunqing, director of operation of Guangzhou Tianhe Zhongxing. "Rarely seen imitations, low market prices, good investment prospects for collections!" said Wei Guangwen, a veteran antique clock collector. Western antique clocks involve many crafts, materials and elements. Their material texture, fine mechanics, and ancient sound quality are all modern. Process and production costs cannot be imitated, so there are few cases of counterfeiting.

According to reports, currently domestic collectors of antique clocks can generally be divided into two situations. One is that they have looked at these things from the perspective of culture and the taste of art. They have relevant professional knowledge and appreciation level, but this type of There are only a handful of collectors; the second is that most new collectors don’t know much about western antique clocks. They are mainly the pleasing artistic forms and crisp and melodious bells and sounds of antique bells. Attracted. “The more classic the antique bells, the more beautiful the bell sounds. This bell can soothe the soul, escape the noise, and enjoy peace.” Chen Lingling, director of the Guangzhou Garde Cultural Arts Center, said with a smile.

The collection of antique clocks witnessed the convergence of Eastern and Western cultures. "The collection of antique clocks should be a kind of 'play'. It is a product of the development of science, culture and art in specific social environments. We can recognize its heavy cultural connotations through antique clocks." Chen Lingling In 1601, as early as the Ming Dynasty Wanli period, Western clocks were brought into the imperial palace by Italian missionaries as the most precious tribute, and Emperor Qianlong of Kangxi later became the most important Western clock collector in Chinese history: " The reason why the Chinese emperors are so admiring the Western clock is that in addition to their novelty and novelty, their decorative, artistic and functional characteristics are deeply imprinted in their hearts. The European antique clock witnessed the convergence of East and West cultures and collisions. One of the art categories."

“France is one of the earliest countries in the world to manufacture watches. Starting from Louis XIV's advocacy of artistic creation, the French clocks were branded with grandeur and extreme luxury.” said Wei Guangwen, a veteran antique clock collector, from different countries. The bell has its own artistic features and appreciation points: “For example, the production process of the gilt bronze ware is the main decorative feature of the French bell. The French bell is made of expensive and luxurious materials and a gold plating process, and is also integrated into the art story. Very romantic."

"Compared to the simple and simple German clock, the French antique clock is about twice as expensive as the German antique clock. But the extremely luxurious French clock is still far less expensive than the British clock." Wei Guangwen explained: "The German clock Most of them are family-oriented industrialization and mass production, which is what Germans are proud of, but it also reduces the value of collections. The reason why the British clock is so expensive is because of its unrivalled precision and the strength of the UK. The accurate astronomical timing technology corresponding to the maritime industry has made the British Bell's position as the world's most accurate timepiece. It is understood that even in modern times, the British clockmaker has to make a clock that will take three years. The complex and sophisticated components all reflect the high level of application of the British clock. Therefore, even if the market price exceeds one million yuan and over ten million yuan, it is only natural and valuable.

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