Jade carvings not only look at materials

Jade carvings not only look at materials

Jade carvings not only look at materials Beijing's history of the capital of the country has been nearly 900 years. The dynasties have recruited skilled craftsmen from all parts of the country to the capital to perform services for the court. Over time, it has formed a strong "Beijing" local characteristics. Among the many artistic species, jade, cloisonne, tooth carving, and lacquer are typical “court techniques”. Together with gold lacquer inlays, filigree inlays, palace blankets, and palace embroidery, they are honored as “Yanjing Eight Immortals”. The editorial column "Editors take the grassroots visit to the Yanjing Eight Immortals" was designed to make the story "Beyond the Eight Immortals" accessible through the editor's in-depth line and "seamless" contact with the inheritor of the "Yanjing Eight Eights". Explore the inheritance and development of the "Eight Jews".

How can I learn to grind jade without pulling a few flesh? I didn't understand the jade carving industry when I was a student, and I didn't think that I would become a national master and inheritor today. I like painting since I was young. After graduating from junior high school, I was admitted to the Beijing Arts and Crafts School. The Beijing Arts and Crafts School was established in order to inherit and carry forward traditional arts and crafts. My major is craft sculpture, school system for four years. In the fourth year, I began to contact jade carving. During the internship, the rules and methods of jade sculptures spoken by the old artists helped me a lot. At the same time, I was also infected by their diligence and perseverance. But I didn't like this industry at the time. I was very interested in colorful plastic and Chinese painting. The ideal is to do colorful painting or to paint mechinese characters. At that time, graduation assignment was based on national needs. Therefore, I was assigned to the Beijing Jade Factory. Jade carving at that time was not as respected as it is today. The old society jade carving is one of the four major penances. Adults deal with water and have noise and dust. It is very difficult. At that time, I did not think that jade carving was an art. I felt that I could not play my artistic creativity. I wanted to find a way to change jobs. When I chose, "**" began and stopped all organizational relations.

I also figured out that I am determined to make achievements in jade carving. I learned the longest time with Master Wang Shusen. Just a few years after I began to study, I often used his hands to bleed. Wang Laoyi said, “Can you learn to grind jade without pulling a few meats?” Wang Laoyi stressed The comprehensive ability also benefited me a lot. He said that to do art should be like a grocery store, what should be what I want, I have ten things, if you buy ten, you will not be able to. If I have one hundred or eighty, you will pick it.

During the “**” period, traditional subjects were not allowed to be made. Innovation and modern themes were to be done. At that time, no one had experience and they were groping for it. Works are related to politics. A work is a political task. In the middle period of the “**”, the traditional jade carvings were restored. In this period, I really went deep into the traditional jade carvings, understood the inherent charm of the material, understood the jade carvings with the methods of the academic school, and gradually formed my own by combining theory with practice. style. I didn't think I was smart anymore. Something I knew at a glance. I couldn't turn around for a long time. But I rely on hard work. In the 1980s, I was a period of great progress in art and ideology. It was also the most difficult period for my family. At that time, my salary was very low and I depended mainly on my salary. I never rested. In addition to the design work in the factory, I also used extra time to earn extra money to subsidize my family. Like my contemporary masters, they have devoted their entire life to the country, have been poor all their lives, and have devoted their energies to inheriting and promoting the art of jade carving. After the Beijing Jade Factory became a joint venture in 1992, high-quality raw materials were guaranteed and also faced the art market. I made many new attempts in the creation of large-scale jade. After retiring in 2000, I established my own jade carving studio. Later, I established a state-level intangible cultural heritage school and continued the inheritance of jade carving art.

The decade after my retirement was a golden period of my creation. During this period, I created a lot of treasures. My jade carving techniques have reached a very high artistic level. People grind jade, jade grinding people, jade's life is human's life, jade's soul is human's soul. Life is not perfect, but with unremitting pursuit, there will be no regrets for a limited life.

The National Intangible Cultural Heritage Project Beijing Jade Carving Inheritor Song Shiyi was nearly 70 years old. He was very awkward. In his studio, he told reporters that the jade carving was not tired for two hours. He said that there are seven or eight students in the studio, and the longest to follow him for more than two decades. “I choose students to see whether there are potentials, but also to look at cultural literacy, the most important thing is moral quality. Quick success and instant benefits, for the gold-plated I do not receive. This industry does not mean that three years and two can be learned, like acting On the stage for a decade at a time, no matter what, the cultivation of new people is the responsibility of our generation of jade carving people. Only by the emergence of new generations of generations can we inherit the intangible cultural heritage of our country - the jade carving.

Song Shiyi was born in Beijing on December 22nd, 1942. He graduated from the Beijing Arts and Crafts School in 1964, and later engaged in production, production and design of jade sculptures at Beijing Jadeware Factory. He studied under the tutelage of famous jade carving artists such as Wang Shusen. He studied art history at the Fine Arts Academy of Tsinghua University, and later studied at the Advanced Seminar on sculpture at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Song Shiyi's jade carving works are eclectic, eclectic, and eloquent. Jade, white jade, agate, coral, turquoise, crystal and other raw materials all have unique treatment methods. Wide range of topics, diverse forms, comprehensive skills, from giant to small pieces, from round sculptures to reliefs, from landscapes to characters, from tradition to modernity, are involved. His works are elegant in style, rigorous in structure, elegant in composition, beautiful in appearance, exquisite in workmanship, and highly artistic and deeply cultural. Repeatedly received Tiangong Award, Baihua Award and Shengong Prize.

Master Song talked about the rapid development of the jade carving industry in recent years, mixed feelings, feel very helpless and very angry.

Some practitioners carved out a piece of work. In order to increase their value, they were famous for fishing, and some well-known masters were invited to name their works, and the masters were paid a certain amount of title fees. There are many works that are crudely crafted. Some crowns were made on the spot by certain masters, such as on-site commentary supervision and so on. “There are a lot of businesses that want me to name their work, some of them are my friends, and they are willing to pay a lot of money. I’ve declined in vain. I’m old, and I’ve lost my reputation for the title fee. It is worthwhile.” However, there are still some merchants who use rough jade carving products, posing as Master Song’s works, and organizing many so-called authoritative experts to evaluate and appraise, sell at high prices, and deceive ignorant customers. Some domestic jade carving masters have similar experiences. So Master Song entrusted this newspaper to solemnly declare: Any Song Shiyi jade carving work, a work has a signature, two, works photographs or certificates autographed, three, I and the work photo (Treasures or large jade carvings, must from raw materials to design Make the whole process of video data to prevent counterfeiting). With the above three conditions, it can be confirmed that this work is from the hands of Song Shiyi.

When it comes to jade carving, it is first necessary to distinguish what is a commodity and what is a work. Commodities are repetitively produced and lack the soul of art. At best, they can only be artisan craftsmanship. Today, many people only value materials and do not understand art. This is unfortunate. Jade is not a perfect instrument, which shows that even if there is no deep cultural and artistic connotation and exquisite carving skills, no matter how good the jade material is, it can only be regarded as a commodity, and collection and appreciation will be greatly reduced.

Jade carvings need a variety of paintings, sculptures, literature, drama, etc. For example, my "Wind and Snow Night Returned to People" was taken from Tang poetry, and for example, I integrated into Peking Opera School's performance figure on ladies' models. We must also have a deep understanding of Buddhist knowledge. For example, for sculpted linden trees, each set of leaves should be seven pieces. If six or eight pieces are made, they will be laughable.

Jade carving materials are ever-changing, there is a saying called the amount of material, due to material applied. First of all material, dialogue with jade, to see what color, texture, shape, and then conceived, draft, engraving process is still constantly revised, according to the changes in materials to adjust ideas. Every jade carving is unique. An excellent jade carving should convey the creator's thoughts and feelings, not just the material and noble. For example, many of the raw materials in the works of “Jiangnan Feelings” are considered to be waste materials. They are considered to be uneven in color, and the three colors of black, white, and gray are not well designed. However, I carefully pondered, peeled layers, used color separation, carved out the walls of the watts, the misty and rainy Jiangnan Water Village, and skillfully used the black and white ash of the stone to achieve the artistic effect of ink painting. Look at this "Nanhai Guanyin". The upper part of the raw material is white and the sugar color below. I think repeatedly. The upper part is treated as Guanyin. The following sugar color is treated as sea and stone. The slightly dirty skin color at the bottom of the white jade is used to craft the wave of the churning and Guanyin. The Buddha was lying on top of the water wave, holding a handful of lotuses. His eyes fell down, as if he was contemplating meditation. The base of the base is slightly treated. You see that the natural shape of the tree root is perfectly matched with the roundness and warmth of the jade.

Many people do not bother to do low-grade materials, but I not only make high-grade materials, but also do low-grade materials. Jade is the carrier of art and not the main body of price. For example, only the value of raw materials, a car agate can not match a suet jade. However, good materials are not necessarily high-grade materials such as jadeite and white jade. Agate, crystal and other types of jade can also create many valuable works of great value. This requires the master to have the magical power of decay. My work "Silk Road Rain" and the general branch of the coral are different, and deliberately down, using the natural form of corals, according to the shape of borrowing potential to churn out the Dunhuang dance dancers. Coral red color and dynamic characters are echoing each other, and the work adds a passionate charm. Jade carving is a traditional industry, but it also needs continuous innovation. For example, the “Beauty and the Beast” I created is based on the Grimm's Fairy Tales. The yellow and white jade is difficult to handle. I designed it as a beautiful girl and a mighty lion. People do not believe that it is out of the hands of such an old man. They also think that they are created by young and trendy young people.

Beijing jade carving has a long history, exquisite workmanship, vigorous atmosphere, and solemn norms. It mainly consists of large pieces and ornaments. It has unique styles and temperaments in characters, mountains, utensils, flowers, and other varieties. Art, but also known as agate color. Diverse materials, broad topics, with court art features and royal style.

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