What color clothes to wear pale color and clothes with

What color clothes to wear pale color and clothes with

Every girl wants to have a snowy, crystal clear good skin tone, but the fact is always counterproductive, natural skin dark yellow, darker skin, reddish skin and other colors, plaguing the daily lives of women . In fact, the dark yellowish yellow women do not have to worry about, as long as you choose the color of clothing, the same can wear a good color. Followed by the song to teach you what color to wear clothes was white.

What color of white clothes to wear suitable clothes

依歌 - YEEGO

First of all, to congratulate you with the white color, because the color of the most widely used white color clothing, whether it is brightly colored ornate black ash or dark, you can manage. However, if you want to highlight your white skin, it is recommended to choose a bright yellow series. Bright yellow color saturation compared to other higher, more penetrating bright and moving effect. As shown in the figure by the song of women for everyone recommended this bright yellow woolen jacket, H profile type fresh and generous, curved gun collar more affinity, high quality fabrics highlight quality. Take the white primer shirt plus print short skirt, white and yellow with classic patience.

What kind of color yellowish skin wear clothing was white

穿什么颜色衣服显白 肤色与衣服的搭配

Now many women need 8 hours to work on the computer, the dark complexion became the biggest pain. Then dark yellow female is it "never"? According to the song of women to tell you, yellowish skinned women can try burgundy, purple blue and other colors of clothing, to enhance the skin brightness. As shown in the figure by the song women's red wine jacket, deep and charming wine not only capable and bold courage, while allowing you to face the flushed flushed his face to break the dark yellow plague. With black shorts or small groups, set off slender legs. Overall LOOK allows you to get rid of "yellow people."

Partial skin color black dress was white

穿什么颜色衣服显白 肤色与衣服的搭配

To know that not everyone can have a natural white skin, dark skinny girls, when buying clothes, the color is always their biggest crux of the problem. So what is the color of the skin to wear black clothes? First of all we should know that dark skin is not suitable for wearing bright color clothing, on the contrary some brown, gray clothing but can look generous and beautiful. For example, this light gray woolen suit in the picture shows elegant elegance in elegant elegance and black trousers, so that the beauty of low-key mood is distributed.

The above is based on the song of women for everyone recommended several colors and colors with clothes, do not know if you are helpful? Welcome more women by song join together to discuss dressing with surgery.

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