Analysis of the cause of short thick yarn crepe?

Analysis of the cause of short thick yarn crepe?

Analysis of the cause of short thick yarn crepe?
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1. Raw materials:

(1) The curled fiber mass, due to the high degree of crimping, insufficient carding or fiber rebound, resulting in poor control in drafting

Small thick section.

(2) Hard-wired or viscous fibers, causing changes in fiber motion during drafting, resulting in small thick knots.

(3) The unmoved material in the raw material or the small impurities in the processing process cause changes in the fiber movement during drafting, resulting in small coarse


Due to the defects caused by raw materials, you only need to carefully observe the shape of the defects and decompose the state of the fibers in the defects.

You can make a judgment.

2. Production process:

(1) The flower is produced with radish.

(2) The process of clearing, combing, mixing, roughing, etc., draws the channel oil agent to accumulate and hang flowers.

(3) Xilin, Daofu hanging flowers, winding flowers.

(4) Roller and roller roll.

(5) Intarsia in the apron.

3. Cleaning:

The situation you said is most likely:

(1) Carding dust remover, size and bottom hanging flower.

(2) The card is inserted into the comb and the bell mouth.

(3) In the low pressure cover of the licker roll, the flowers in the doffer triangle area.

(4) The cotton web drooping brings the accumulated flowers on the pallet.

(5) The flowers on the pressure bar are brought in.

(6) The flying flowers fall into the sliver.

(7) The tampon in the gap of the bottom of the voucher is accompanied by a cotton sliver.

(8) The roving oblique shoulders accumulate flowers.

(9) Semi-products store surface area flowers for a long time.

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