Exaggerated Pompon down wear stylish vogue

Exaggerated Pompon down wear stylish vogue

Now is a self-proclaimed self-styled era, even the traditional vulgar down jacket wear a new tricks! 2013 autumn and winter, designers took down the season playing a creative jacket, like to challenge the public in general, exaggerated Peng Peng modeling, chic tailoring techniques, bold colors, so that the winter is not monotonous downturn, but full of fun Oh!


Classic black and white spell out the new pattern, the perfect arc with the Tai Chi gossip like the unparalleled appeal, while giving a distinctive two-sided sense of visual effects, as if to tell the two sides of human nature, more pronounced neckline Face exquisite, relaxed sense of comfort piercing lines!

夸张蓬蓬羽绒服  穿出时髦范

In the bleak and withered winter, the warm red dazzling gives the melted winter dusky colors, giving a positive and bright sunshine. Fashionable puff-necked collar, elegant waist and irregular hem, A word profile highlighting, warm and comfortable fabric easily cope with the winter cold storm. (This article product images are from: Joe goods 2013 autumn and winter new)

Shangri-la curtains are using polyester fiber fabrics, not easy to edge grinding, environmentally friendly. Strong shading, simple structure of the track and bracket in the installation of more convenient, and easy to clean, long time bright as new fabric. Shangri-la curtain can be divided into pearl chain pull type and electric take-away type according to the operation mode, which can not only reduce the solar radiation, but also keep the indoor air smooth.

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