Carrying a large box of silver jewelry is suspected to be dangerous by the driver

Carrying a large box of silver jewelry is suspected to be dangerous by the driver

On the morning of October 12, when Mr. Chen, who was doing silver jewelry business, carried a large box of silver jewelry on the bus, he refused to check the driver because he did not want to be out of money. He was suspected to be dangerous goods by the driver and was refused to get on the bus. The driver reported the alarm. After the traffic police inspection found that there was no problem, in order to protect Mr. Chen’s property safety, the traffic police drove the police car to escort him to his destination.

According to Huang Tianxiang, the squadron leader of the fast-loop squadron of the traffic police detachment of the Nanning Municipal Public Security Bureau, at 10:30 in the morning, when he was on duty near the express ring é‚• ç«‹ ç«‹ , , , , , , , 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 The car leaned over to him and stopped, and the driver called him.

"There was a middle-aged man who was dragging a heavy suitcase and wanted to go to the bus station at Jidong Station. I thought it was suspicious. I was worried that there was dangerous goods in the box and told him to open the box for inspection, but he refused and happened with me. I had a dispute and wanted to force on the train. I was finally rejected by me.” The bus driver said to the traffic police, “I think he might take a bus of 90, and hope that the traffic police can check him.

A few minutes later, when another 90-way car came over, Huang Tianxiang stopped the vehicle and checked it. He found the middle-aged man described by the bus driver and took it off for inspection. "Please open the box for inspection." Huang Tianxiang said to the man. After the man opened the suitcase, the police saw a box full of silver jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and rings. The police then asked the man to show the relevant documents for the goods. Upon inspection, the man’s source of these goods was legitimate.

It turned out that the man surnamed Chen is a businessman who came to Fujian to do silver jewelry business. On the same day, he wanted to bring these goods to Jidong Station and take a bus to Chongzuo. He did not expect to make such a noise.

"Why didn't you let the bus driver check it at the time?" the policeman asked him.

"I have a value of more than 200,000 yuan in this box. It is just that the money is not revealed, so I dare not open it in public, what should I do if I am remembered?" Mr. Chen said.

Because Mr. Chen was rushing to drive, and also to protect his property safety, the traffic police finally sent him to the East Railway Station by police car.

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