Mint blue profile coat little sister can wear it

Mint blue profile coat little sister can wear it

Early winter elegant color - blue line, add a brilliant color to your life. In the early winter season, a blue jacket, can make your female figure closer to perfect. Now JZ Jiu-tzu women will have this touch of blue, swept away the sense of withered autumn and winter, as you bring this season song-like gentle life.

玖姿 - JUZUI

Elegant and light mint blue, for your early winter to add a touch of charm. Oversized coat, in the sleeve cut, containment effect is excellent. Take printing or other colored dresses within the street. However, for this oversized coat, Xiaobian suggested that some have a tall figure MM wear. Shorter MM or bypass it.

薄荷蓝大廓型大衣  矮个妹子能穿吗

For the same color coat, with the coat of the outline above, to cultivate a lot. Perhaps the designer took into account the feelings of the short MM it. The same color of the coat elegant and relaxed, with mature leather pants distributed charm, which printed shirts or dresses become the highlight of the low profile. If the body is still not enough, Xiao Bian suggest that you wear a pair of high heels. This can be a good stretch of your figure.

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