Jewelry appraisal certificate also has false

Jewelry appraisal certificate also has false

Jewelry appraisal certificate also has false

Jewelry collections are continuously heating up, but how to distinguish between true and false is hard for consumers. Many sellers often show jewellery appraisal certificates when they sell jewellery. But are these forestry certificates trustworthy? Peking University's gemological appraisal center reminded the teacher that the jewelry appraisal certificate is also false.

Yu introduced the microblog, and someone went to the Peking University Gem Appraisal Center to identify a green seal he had purchased. As a result, he discovered that the seal he brought was not only a problem, even the authentication certificate was false. In the teacher’s description, the reporter saw that the identification certificate was written with a Hetian Qing Baiyu seal. However, the certificate number was entered on the official website of the Peking University Gemological Identification Center. The displayed item was not Hetian Qingbaiyu. Phosphate jade. This jewellery appraisal certificate is obviously false. This explains to the teacher that the ** book is to change the result of the appraisal. Both sides are copied and then plasticized. This looks like a real certificate.

To this end, the teacher also reminded gems and jade lovers and collectors to be cautious when shopping online, shopping on TV, or shopping on the phone. Don't be convinced that the so-called certificate of collection, certificates of security, and certificates of production, etc., must be polished. Eyes, careful identification of jewelry appraisal certificates to avoid being taken.

In the interview, the reporter found that the jewellery city has sprung up like rain. For the jewellery on the market, many consumers do not know how to distinguish. "Without the equipment, then I can only believe that the merchant presented the jewelry appraisal certificate," said one consumer. The reporter noted that there are many home inspection agencies that provide certificates, and some testing agencies also provide online certificate authentication services. Will these testing agencies be sure to fly? The reporter found that although some testing organizations’ websites could search the relevant certificate information accurately, they did not find the relevant information of the website in the domain name information filing management system of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In other words, this website is not a regular website.

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