Go to "Another Planet" for Another Summer

Go to "Another Planet" for Another Summer

The vast sky, carrying countless unknown planet, maybe a planet is waiting for you, waiting for you to do what you want to do, meet new people.

This summer, tune tune's promo "Another Planet" as the theme of shooting, Imagine on another planet, get rid of heavy chains, dancing different self. With a fun-filled and story-like picture, wake up the inner self-esteem of women, to encourage women to become another infinite possibilities.


(Tune tune2014 summer promo)

This season's promo is divided into "early summer" and "summer" two songs. In early summer, tune tune loves to wear "Sleepwalking Alice" and "Modern Times" series of clothing, with curiosity and imagination, intends to escape from immutable world, penetrating mystery universe fantasy, Go to another planet and start a new round of challenges and adventures.

去“另一个星球”寻找Another me  tune tune2014初夏宣传片

(Tune tune2014 early summer advertising blockbuster)

去“另一个星球”寻找Another me  tune tune2014初夏宣传片

(Tune tune2014 early summer advertising blockbuster)

As for the tune tune will arrive on another planet, what adventure will have, tune tune will be presented in June 2014 summer prom for everyone.

About tune tune

tune tune is more than just fashion. Everything about tune tune is personal and inner, full of love and full of confidence. With a strong self-style and full of pampered self-dedication, trying to pass on to women's confident and active attitude in the fashion language, encouraging women to transcend themselves and release their potential as "Another me" ( another me).

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