What are the identification methods for rubies?

What are the identification methods for rubies?


What are the identification methods for rubies today?

In fact, it is not difficult to identify these other red gems that look like rubies, because they have obvious differences in physical properties from real rubies, and it is not difficult to distinguish them with rubies by these features. If we only rely on the observation of dichroism, we can exclude more than half of them.

In addition to the natural red rubies that look like rubies, red glass is used as a ruby ​​on the market, and artificial red cubic zirconia is used as a ruby. Also, it is not difficult to identify them because they do not have the same dichroism as ruby.

In the jewelry market, there are also ruby ​​two-story stones. There are two kinds of books: semi-real two-layer stone and fake two-layer stone. The crown of the semi-real two-story stone is made of real natural ruby, and the pavilion often uses the flame fusion method to synthesize ruby, or it can also be replaced by red work. The identification of the latter is relatively easy. After all, the physical properties of red glass are significantly different from rubies. The identification of the former relies on careful microscopic observation. Usually under the help of a microscope (some with a magnifying glass), under certain lighting conditions, the synthetic gemstones of the pavilion can be found to have curved curved growth lines and form a straight growth strip with the natural rubies of the crown. Obvious contrast.

The fake two-layered stone of ruby ​​is now more common. It is mostly a product of the pre-existing scientific identification method. As long as you check with a dichroic mirror, you will find that neither the garnet top nor the red glass below has the dichroism of ruby. Because of this, it has been extended to the side, and the natural star gemstone star line is often not very complete, and it has been missing without extending to the edge. In addition, in order to pursue weight, natural star gemstones often have a hundred bottoms.

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