Harry Potter Bear Kids make more children enjoy childhood fashion

Harry Potter Bear Kids make more children enjoy childhood fashion

A Harry Potter for 10 years I do not know how many children's childhood, and with Mom and Dad together to stay away from the hustle and bustle of real life. How many people dream of owning the broom that can fly everywhere, and the cloak of invisible clothing that can do bad things. Shortly afterwards, a cartoon bear riding on a flying broom appeared in front of the children. It was loved by children with its broomstick-naive, super-lovely image. It not only brought great joy to children, but also brought the children wisdom and enlightenment, accompanied by the children happy and healthy growth. Harry Potter Bear 2012 spring / summer new album Harry Potter Bear HBBear brand has been well known and loved by children, but few people know that such a catchy and easy to remember name comes entirely from a chance. Harry Potter Bear Inspired by the movie "Harry Potter". One of the most popular is the hero has a flying broom. In 2006, Xiaoyu Dou Children's Welfare think tank think their children's clothing brand to take a childlike, but also easy to remember the name, but after numerous discussions still can not do anything. Just as we worry about the name of the brand, one day a few colleagues walked in the park from time to time after dinner several crisp children's voices, asked prestige to see a few children are playing on a broom, laughter endless. , Suddenly Emmanuel Flash: Harry Potter Bears is not a good name? Whether it is for Chinese or foreigners, it seems catchy and easy to read. Since then, the Harry Potter Bear brand was born. Harry Potter Bear 2012 spring and summer new album Harry Potter Bear "Product prices located in the high-end, to adapt to the current domestic 95% of the region and city sales. Brand to" environmental protection, health, fashion, personality "for the purpose of advocating The concept of "health, environmental protection, innovation and responsibility" emphasizes environmental protection and texture on fabric selection. It is keen to use natural environmental protection materials such as cotton, hemp, silk and cashmere, and is good at new textured fabrics such as Lycra, Uganda yarn and acrylic The clever use of color, the pursuit of a harmonious color of the United States, the United States on the beauty of the United States, the production process on the perfect, preferential clothing prices reasonable, noble superior clothing quality, so that more children enjoy childhood fashion, release personality Harry Potter Bear 2012 spring and summer new album "to respect and care for children's ideas and healthy fashion clothing to the world of all parents and children" is the mission of the Harry Potter Bear, the company philosophy is quality first, Seiko secret agents, excellence and innovation Perfect, brand style is fashion, leisure, vitality, personality, slightly Korean elements. Harry Potter Bear 2012 spring and summer new album

Sport Bra

Now many young women like sport bra,because wear sport bra, because wear sport bra get up sport so comfortable and relax,sport bra made by a series of processes such as yarn and knitting. sport bra has Breathable,Quick Dry, anti-bacterial,  seamless, Anti-Static.

Description of sport bra

Style:comfortable and relax

Size: customized size

Color: picture color customized

MOQ: 3000pcs

Packing: 1pcs get into one polybag,12pcs get into one big polybag

Delivery time: 45-60

Payment: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram payments

Supply type: OEM service

Service: OEM/ODM service

Feature: Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Static

Sport bra


Q: What is the way of payment?

A: :more money is 30% deposit,and 70% is paid by wire transfer before delivery.

Q: How about the MOQ?


Q: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

A: We are a professional underwear manufacturer,which has been exported for nearly 12 years.


Sport Bra

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