WISDOMB from Hong Kong and Taiwan's beautiful world of women's clothing

WISDOMB from Hong Kong and Taiwan's beautiful world of women's clothing

Spring on the road, speechless and silent, front-line scenery, as if a dream, the other side of the city, a fresh natural world, returning to the fresh meet WISDOMB from the beautiful world of women's clothing RTHK

贞智美 - WISDOM&B

In each heart, there is a beautiful world. We have always believed that everyone has a beautiful world in their hearts. In this beautiful world, every woman is the favor of the Creator. No matter what the age of 20, 30, 40, every stage has a unique beauty. It is young and lively, sweet and pretty, intellectual and gentle, elegant and romantic, and beautiful. Intentions to create, to the right time, at the right place, for the perfect clothing. These are the best in WISDOMB fashion world to find the answer.

WISDOMB RTHK Women, from Hong Kong and Taiwan, China headquarters in the fashion capital of Humen, is a clothing design, production, sales, brand management in one of the major apparel brand management companies. WISDOMB to Humen as a base, stores, counters are widely distributed in 28 provinces and cities across the country a major second-tier cities in prime locations, is committed to providing quality clothing and caring services, and consumers and distributors grow together, won the beauty Female's favorite.

WISDOMB 源自港台的优美世界女装服饰

Target customer base Professional and competent: She can always be confident and confident Full of wisdom and passion Passion and always keep the spirit of feminine intellectual: her intellectual full of soft Charm In the metropolis where the most beautiful scenery is a beautiful casual fashion: her fashion sensibility but not publicity elegant But not arrogant implicit but not exaggerated introverted but without losing the humor

Product style positioning

WISDOMB brand to fashion business wear, personalized fashion-oriented products, its style is simple, elegant, solemn and yet lively, stylish, rich colors, easy to mix style, technology board elegant, highlighting the sense of product value.

WISDOMB 源自港台的优美世界女装服饰

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Address: Humen, Dongguan City, Guangdong Dongfeng Chun Yi Building

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