Having these 9 pairs of shoes is enough for us to “funny life”

Having these 9 pairs of shoes is enough for us to “funny life”

Bennett, June 23, tells how important shoes are to women, and the pleasure and satisfaction of stepping on a pair of good shoes... you know. How many pairs of shoes we will have in the end of our lives may not be able to calculate, but as long as we have this "9 pairs" is enough for us to "fashionable life".

Essential must-have - pointed high heels

Not wearing high heels, how to have a tall life? Women wearing high heels is not just "increased", as Manolo Blahnik said: "After a woman put on high heels, the voice changed and the walking posture changed." Slim high-heeled shoes are the representatives of “ultra-feminine”. Shoes are simple and elegant, classic and wild. We recommend nude or black to everyone: nude-colored high-heeled shoes are the same color as the skin. After wearing it, they can magically "melt" on their feet. They want to lengthen the charming lines of their legs. The little black dress, classic and ever-changing - it can be sexy, but also very "business", sometimes soft and sometimes cold.

Tip high heels recommended

Jimmy Choo Abel nude color pointed high heels Price: 3,120CNY

Christian Louboutin Decollete black pointed high heels Price: 4,230CNY

Comfortable heightening - platform shoes and wedge shoes

There is no western woman's "higher person," and Asian women with a "slightly inferior" height can hope to use the increased demand for shoes. If you want to be comfortable while you're fashionable, you can invest in any of the following shoes: a sloppy platform shoe, a sweet and atmospheric wedge.

Platform shoes and wedges recommended

Stella McCartney Britt thick derby shoes Price: 5,875 CNY

Lanvin imitation snake leather espadrille sandals Price: 4,460CNY

Gas field does not lose high heels - pointed flat shoes

Perhaps you have found that, no matter if you have a high-heeled flat bottom, you want to wear elegant femininity, and the tip is always better than the round head. The "principle" is that the thin tip becomes an extension of the leg - do not think that the foot will become "larger", a pair of shallow-mouthed flat shoes make the foot become part of the leg, and the legs become longer instantaneously. When women always want to steal a lazy time, they wear pointed flats, and elegance and sexy are still accompanied.

Pointed flats recommended

Miu Miu Crystal-embellished denim pointed flats Price: 5,470 CNY

Rochas flower jacquard pointed flats Price: 4,050CNY

Classic, comfortable, age-old, it is none other - round ballet flats

There is a shoe, teenage girls can wear sweet and playful, women in their 20s and 30s can wear exquisite romance, 40-50-year-old women can wear elegantly age-reduced, and women aged 60-70 can wear The classic timeless, these shoes can only be ballet flats. These classic shoes are accompanied by a woman's life. Perhaps you don't like to wear or go through ballet flats now, but at some stage of your life, you will need it and fall in love with it.

Ballet flats recommended

Saint Laurent Classic Ballet Shoes Reference Price: 2,260CNY

Chloé suede ballet flats Price: 3,290 CNY

A pair of sandals that can attract everyone's attention

Where is summer exposed, sexy is the most advanced? We say it is the foot. A pair of high-heeled sandals that can reveal sexy toes, feet and ankles allows women to walk and spend every step of the way. In all kinds of sandals, we recommend sexy and elegant thin strap sandals, which can be temptation straps, classic ribbons, or retro T ribbons. However, wearing a pair of sandals is much more descriptive, which means that the more demanding the feet are - the silky heel, polished feet and well-trimmed nails deserve a pair of glamorous high-heeled sandals.

Summer sandals recommended

Stuart Weitzman black sandals with reference price: 4,180CNY

Giuseppe Zanotti metallic leather sandals Price: 4,815 CNY

The perfect compromise between comfort and elegance - heel and heel

Want to pursue a sexy height but do not want to give up comfort, want to walk and fantasy that swaying posture. Women are greedy on "beauty" and always want to "have it all"! Thick heels and heel shoes can satisfy our greediness: high-heeled and thick one-circle, but the height is still but the supporting force becomes bigger; A short section, the slenderness of the inflexible foot arching becomes smaller. Do not underestimate this thick heel and middle heel, want to walk comfortably and swaying, you really need a pair of rough (middle) heel shoes.

Thick heels and heel shoes recommended

Victoria Beckham velvet platform Sandals Price: 11,050 CNY

Pierre Hardy fringed suede sandals Price: 5,470 CNY

The most comfortable shoes, no one - loft shoes

If you think that sports shoes are the most comfortable shoes in the world, you must not have crossed Love Shoes. Lok Fu shoes, also known as "lazy shoes", lazy type rather than lazy, is the most appropriate evaluation of the Lok Fu shoes. The Almond-type toe caps Lofo footwear for comfort and elegance. The supple and supple material is like a bipedal massage. The statement that never wears a foot is not blown out. In recent quarters, the "cat head", "puppy face" and "cobweb" (not to mention which brands you know) have caused a lot of hot shoe fever. Maybe the next season, Lofo footwear is no longer popular, but it is the fact that the most comfortable shoes in women's shoes will not be changed.

Love shoes recommended

Car Shoe Daino Lok Fu Shoes Reference Price: 2,150CNY

Charlotte Olympia Kitty Loafers Reference Price: 3,350CNY

Love sports women will not be bad - sports shoes

Do you believe there is a pair of beautiful sports shoes, you will fall in love with fitness! A pair of stylish, colorful sports shoes not only belongs to the gym, mixed with fashion is also not a bad idea. Speaking of this, it can also be extended to white sneakers and canvas shoes - they have long been beyond the scope of sports and leisure, turned into fashion items. Wearing this kind of shoes represents a kind of life attitude, a casual, relaxed, and sunny life attitude.

Sports shoes recommended

Athletic Propulsion Labs Mesh Sneakers Reference Price: 1,600 CNY

Adidas Originals X Jeremy Scott Sneakers Reference Price: 1,230CNY

A pair of liked or disliked shoes

Although we talked about so many "essential shoes", we are not just "guided consumption." We want to discuss with you the magical and subtle relationship between women and shoes. It is said that clothes are worn for outsiders, underwear is for a partner, but shoes alone are worn for themselves. Shoes, not only women are only comfortable or beautiful, but also mixed with a woman's personality and attitude. So we said that women also need “a pair of shoes”: a pair of shoes that are dazzling but have little chance to wear, or a pair of shoes that they don’t like after they buy it home.

The glamorous pair of shoes remind us that women should be better with themselves. As Carrie of Sex and the City said, "The road for single women is not good, so we need a good pair of shoes." It does not matter whether it is single or not. What matters is walking on the road. For the United States, we always have a bit of "thinking."

The pair of "ugly" shoes that they no longer want to wear remind us that everything is not demanding perfection. A pair of "ugly shoes" has recorded our growth, and life is always a little regrettable and perfect. (This site - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information center.)

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