Amber identification and conservation method

Amber identification and conservation method


Amber identification and conservation method

1. "Brine Method": When amber is placed in water, it will sink to the bottom. Then, the dissolved concentrated brine is continuously added thereto, and when the salt concentration is more than 1 to 4, the true amber will slowly float.

2, "tip burning method": a hot needle quickly close to the amber surface, the true amber melting point is very low, once heated, local melting immediately, you can also smell a light pine scent, the more the taste is more pure.

3, amber in the formation process often with bubbles, debris, cracks, so if each of the beads of an amber necklace is very similar and transparent, or the insects contained in amber is complete, it is likely to be fake.

4. If the natural amber is placed under the money detector, it will show light green, green, blue, white, etc., while the synthetic amber will not change color.

As for the maintenance of amber, many people know that the isolation of amber from the air can effectively maintain the color of amber, so many people keep amber in oil or water, but some experts think this is a misunderstanding. "Amber placed in oil, if it is not processed very well, or there are small cracks inside, the oil may penetrate into the crack, thus affecting its own material." And water can not completely isolate the air, over time Some ripples are created on the amber surface. “Amber should not be placed in a hot place, and should not be in contact with various organic solutions. It is best to store it separately.”

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