Polka Dot VS stripes which dress you love more?

Polka Dot VS stripes which dress you love more?

Playful wave points, the classic stripes, these two elements have always been the darling of the fashion industry pet favorite, of course, summer summer, ultimately, they come to Dress up, and in the summer, MM are most likely to wear the single product Is a dress, then when the wave point dress hit a striped dress, which will be better? If you want to know, just follow Xiaobian together!


Classic stripes fresh and generous, vertical stripe design was thinner effect is better, self-cultivation version of the outline of bumpy figure curve, chic style design with a two-part illusion, just the right length show big long leg was High and thin, cool and comfortable sleeveless design, to help you easily cope with the scorching sun.

波点VS条纹 你更爱哪一款连衣裙?

Black is the color of many MM are like, but inevitably makes people feel boring, joined the saucy wave point, the entire skirt immediately became lively, sleeveless cool fashion design, white thin belt decorated with slender outline Waist more slender, Polka Dot dress charm does not lose stripes dress Oh!

In fact, different elements have different charm, this summer, if you want more attractive, you might as well try all kinds of elements! (Photo Source: Beautiful World Women )

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