Mansour slave brand men's clothing in Fujian Putian Wanda Plaza store is about to grand opening

Mansour slave brand men's clothing in Fujian Putian Wanda Plaza store is about to grand opening

Manduino Australia men's brand in December 15 in Fujian Putian Wanda Plaza grand opening, so stay tuned! Australia Manzil slave JMZ clothing company from 1861 in Sydney, Australia. Design by the Australian teacher, the brand of its creation, design all unite the artist's wisdom and charm. More reflect the designers of the materials used in clothing, cutting meticulous spirit and rigorous work attitude, coupled with the atmosphere of the production without losing the favor by the celebrities of the Green Mi. In order to build the China market, Manssurlan Fashion Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. of Australia and Mansouror Garments Co., Ltd. of Zhongshan City cooperate with each other and take the operation mechanism of design, development, production and sales and customer service as one and implement the international chain Monopoly marketing strategy, the implementation of exclusive agents and brand monopoly management combined mode of operation, has been in the domestic medium-sized cities to establish a sound sales network. Efforts to create a popular brand in Southeast Asia clothing brand model. Manxiluo clothing into the Chinese apparel market since the brand awareness continues to improve, product quality improvement. Has launched a sweater, casual jackets, T-shirts, shirts, Casual Pants, suit trousers, leather goods, neckties, shoes and other series of men's products. Spring and summer fabrics on the fabric using high-yarn mercerized cotton, silk and Italian environmental fabric texture, autumn and winter products are mostly made of pure Australian wool. Let the majority of the wearer feel the classic fashion brand. Into the new century, in order to adapt to the pursuit of individual tastes of different tastes, Mansour slave adhere to the comfortable and original style based on the continuous expansion of product lines, but also adds exotic style. Strive to show men's unique charm of the fashion space, designers and wearers fully reflect the positive attitude towards life, and the relaxed pursuit of natural leisure, a successful fashion man's choice. Simple and elegant, elegant, steady and not old-fashioned, traditional and innovative, avant-garde but not alternative design style, so that urban man filled with casual style, highlights the masculine, sensual, free and easy personality! Charm performance most vivid! Company of "pursuit of characteristics, beyond the competition, is a win-win situation and serve the world" business principles, adhere to the implementation of "nurturing products with character, with wisdom planting hope, with the efforts of casting success, with integrity and dedication to society. "Spirit of enterprise," the quality of casting brilliant, with service achievements in the future "business purposes," sustainable development, customer service "marketing idea, and create their own brand culture, and strive to have a deeper interaction with people from all walks of life.

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