New Trojan 2014 dress

New Trojan 2014 dress

Trojan flower in early summer of 2014, bright colors got more different kind of interpretation, from the visual senses, body shape and fashion alternately matching terms, compared to the past have undergone many changes to become 2014 fashion fad. Refreshing and slightly sexy dress, will lead the YY flower polka dating shirt beautiful, exudes the beauty of love and sacred.

Well-known women's chain brand flower Trojan is a fast-fashion women's clothing brand originating in Hong Kong, founded in 1995, began in 2008 to develop physical stores, there are currently more than 300 chain stores.

2014 early summer dress series in the first quarter of the small floral followed this year's Korean style, so that flower fans put it down.

Followed by the European and American fashion struck the atmosphere, the atmosphere of simple design practices three-dimensional 3D tailoring the perfect display of the female S-shaped body.


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