Sterile textiles are expected to end the age of white pelagic fungus

Sterile textiles are expected to end the age of white pelagic fungus

White Coat really clean and sterile?

White clothes represent cleanliness, but are they really clean and sterile after wearing white clothes? of course not. White cleansing is only the sight of the eyes without being dirty. There are no bacteria on the surface that people can't see with the naked eye. In this special environment of doctors and hospitals, there are many patients and all kinds of diseases. Germs easily spread infections. Some of them are attached to clothes through contact. In particular, doctors are exposed to many patients every day. The chance of being infected with germs is much higher than that of ordinary people. It is hard to prevent. It is not enough to rely on white clothes that are disinfected. Bai Dazhao does not have the function of actively resisting and removing germs and cannot maintain a clean and sterile state for a long time. It may become a carrier of pathogens due to infection.

Aseptic textiles become a new bright spot for reform of medical wear

Zhongshan Medical Choice Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in the production and operation of aseptic textile products. He uses Hong Kong Winterthur "RICHTLINIEN" fiber bacterium technology, using active gene clusters with bacteriostatic properties, using high-tech molecular binding technology to form a long-lasting binding chain with fibers, and destroying the living space of bacteria in multiple directions. , so that the bacteria lost their pathogenic fertility and naturally died. “RICHTLINIEN” fiber bacterium technology actively purifies germs, effectively preventing the harm caused by the contact of bacteria with the skin. Aseptic textile products using the bacterium bacterium technology have escaped the lack of traditional clothing functions, and the era of the bringing of medical care and protective clothing is expected to end. Health care service is no longer carry bacteria, this is a new bright spot in the future reform of medical clothing!

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