The third anniversary of the founding of Zhenzhu Aesthetics "Calling Love" The Night of Good Music Illuminates Beautiful Dreams with Love

The third anniversary of the founding of Zhenzhu Aesthetics "Calling Love" The Night of Good Music Illuminates Beautiful Dreams with Love

March 10, 2019 · Shanghai, the famous luxury and beauty skin care brand pearlosophy pearl aesthetic, the third anniversary of the birth of the brand, at the Wanqiu Forest Sports Center Tennis Center in Shanghai, held this event called "calling love" The warmth of the night of the night.

On the evening of the ceremony, pearlosophy aesthetics perfectly presented the core concept of “Beginning with Love and Becoming Heart” with love and music. Founder Peggy Sun personally shared the journey of the founding of the past three years, recalling “the original self” and the past Adhere to the moment when thousands of people light up the light of the mobile phone at the same time, the starlight is a little bit, and the scene is touched by nearly 10,000 guests and brand friends from all over the country. The brand also celebrated its third anniversary, and solemnly swears to create a brand new 2.0 image with the French BETC team. It is a song for love from all over the world, including Charlie XCX, Singaporean, Stefanie, Singaporean, Young Chinese actor, singer Xiong Qiqi and American singer James Lee and other international singers will be launched on the spot to release the brand's new masterpiece "Zhuzhu Meixue Clear Sunscreen Spray", and at the same time join hands with "Amazing Angel Fund" to launch a million charity cooperation plan.

At night, 10,000 people gathered for love, witnessing the brand history milestones of pearlosophy's aesthetics.


Starlight shines, good night

Pearlosophy Zhenzhu Aesthetics "Calling Love" Five Stars of the Night of Good Music Night, Charli XCX from the British creation of the small day for the music dream, 14-year-old loan to record the debut album; Almighty artist Xiong Yuqi once studied in the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, strength The rock singer has been singing on the stage for nearly 20 years, and the new international singer James Lee has produced many popular music works. The Asian pop music queen Stefanie has resolutely started music for 20 years after completing her studies. journey of. Each singer, with their love of music and the unchanging initial heart, poured love into the music, and also interacted with the audience on the spot to share the theme of the "be calling love" of the true pearl aesthetic, evoking the enthusiastic response on the spot.

The opening is made by the popular British idol, the hot single machine Charli XCX is on stage to ignite the atmosphere. Charli XCX captures the screams of the audience with many popular singles such as "Boom Clap" and "Boys". The cohesive song makes the audience Enjoy a feast of hearing in the rhythm of Western pop music.



British Little Tiny Charli XCX

The film and television versatile artist Xiong Yuqi Jun sang on stage. The handsome appearance and deep music skills, in the scene, deeply affectionate interpretation of the male spirit. He said: "He was a singer at this venue, and then he was the lead singer! "This way, it is he who always adheres to his heart and dreams of success in pursuing his dreams. The organizer of this kind of night, the love of pearlosophy and the love of Xiong Yuqi coincides with the love of dreams. The positive energy of the brand encourages everyone to have the power of love at all times and go forward.



Movie and TV song Almighty artist Xiong Yuqi

The "Death to Love" brought by the letter made the audience of the audience unaccompanied by the chorus, and felt more deeply the resonance of the music, the resonance caused by each song full of love. The letter of the best rock treble inspired the first dreams of all the guests on the scene. Only love in the heart can pass love to the people around, and let more people feel the power of love.



Power rock sing

American singer James Lee started the episode with the electric song "The Light." Years ago, a serious accident caused James to end his career as a bass player. From then on, music is his salvation, and creation is his enthusiasm. "The Light" describes James' journey from darkness to light. Persevering in my heart and having love in my heart will enable him to overcome difficulties, make better music, and bring more good works to the audience. This also echoes the persistence and philosophy of the brand "starting from the heart".



American singer James Lee

The grand finale of the ceremony was invited to debut for nearly 20 years. The goddess in everyone's heart, the Asian music queen, Stefanie Sun, will never change. She is still a simple and beautiful appearance in our memory. Just like the lyrics "look forward to a fortune and an impact, what a wonderful encounter", Stefanie Sun, with love and blessing, celebrates this unforgettable moment with everyone present.



Asian Music Days Sun Yanzi

In the songs of Sun Yanzi's heart-felt songs, the top of the Baiji Orchid styling at the top of the Wanqiu Forest Sports Center in Shanghai Qizhong Forest Sports Center slowly opened, looking up at the deep blue sky of the indigo, and the 10,000-year-old guests of the Zhenzhu aesthetics believe that “calling love” is the night of good music. They are here to meet, to feel the original intention of brand love, and to inspire future dreams.

Don't forget your heart, illuminate your beautiful dreams with love

On this star-studded night, pearlosophy's pearl aesthetics uses the brand concept of “love yourself and love others” to illuminate everyone's beautiful dreams.

Pearlosophy Pearl Beauty Founder Peggy Sun visited the scene and shared her self, telling everyone how she loves life, loves life, loves nature, how to face failure and hardship once and for all, but never thought about giving up, and always insisted Own dreams, create brands that belong to Chinese, and promote the development of Chinese makeup brands on the international stage. Peggy has devoted himself to the cosmetics industry for many years. He has provided R&D service experience for the Weijiquan brand, and advocated “female beauty and independence”. With the concept of “love yourself and love others” as the core, he led the rapid growth of Zhenzhu aesthetics and created remarkable development achievements. .


After the success in the market, Peggy has never forgotten corporate social responsibility. She has influenced more people around her by taking practical actions, hoping that they will have more attention and love to the society while they are beautiful! As a brand The leader, Peggy uses love to convey love and hope: to live by love, to start from love, to walk with love, to grow in love.

Since 2018, pearlosophy has cooperated with the Angel Fund to release the nectar whisper hand cream gift box (charity limited edition), and donated part of the hand cream gift box to the 嫣然天使基金 to help and care for children with cleft lip and palate. Family. On the occasion of the third anniversary of pearlosophy's pearl aesthetics, we also joined hands with the 嫣然 Fund to start a charity strategic cooperation plan, donating RMB 10,000 yuan on the spot to help children with cleft lip and palate in more difficult families get medical assistance.


Join hands with the international team, 2.0 image shocking display

Pearlosophy has experienced three years of growth and transformation. In 2019, it officially joined hands with France's largest advertising company, the BETC Design design team, to create a 2.0 upgrade of the brand image, which was officially released at the third anniversary. The French BETC team is a top French design company that has served many famous brands such as LVMH, LIN Evian, L'Oreal, and Marie. The design team deeply explores the core of the brand and links “Pearl” and “Love”. The sincerity, I believe that "Pearl is the source of love, see the pearl, I found love", poetic and emotional interpretation of the brand spirit, which symbolizes that the pearlosophy pearl aesthetics brings "the purest love." Under the guidance of the French BETC team, the pearlosophy brand aesthetic image 2.0 upgrade, to more perfectly and comprehensively express the core value of the brand, but also bring more vitality language to the brand, I believe that the market will set off a stunning eye storm.


Ingenuity, shining debut

With the release of the new image of 2.0, the brand's 2019 ingenuity made a “real pearl aesthetic clear sunscreen spray”, which was also released at the third anniversary ceremony.

This new product is the star product of Pearl Beauty Facial Cleansing Foaming Cleanser, Give Me 5 (Crystal Pearl Fermentation Essence Skin Care Series) and Nectar Whispering Hand Cream Gift Box. It is also a star product of 2019. At this point, Zhenzhu Aesthetics has covered three categories of skin care, make-up and oral beauty drinks. It also marks the brand's continuous innovation, incorporating high-end research and development technology and pure and effective formula, bringing more professional and safe skin care experience to more women who love beauty.

This also echoes the brand founder Peggy, who visits countries around the world, carefully selects quality suppliers with cutting-edge products as partners, and all raw material selection ensures 3P principles, Pure ingredients, Place of origin and Proven formulation. Formulation and conviction that good products require determination and perseverance.

Peggy said that "a good product not only gives us a good feeling of use, but more importantly, it gives the product its proper function; we do not exaggerate the effect of the product, using time- and scientifically proven formulas, Try to make sure the product is effective."



Initially unchanged, strid forward

2019 Zhenzhu Aesthetics 3rd Anniversary Ceremony "Calling Love" The night of good music, the perfect ending, the perfect presentation of pearlosophy pearl aesthetic brand originated from the heart of love and beauty, from the heart, for the love, born from the beginning of love The brand concept of "Becoming Heart" is based on the originality and ingenuity. It has always been committed to the research and development and innovation of skin care products, helping every woman to discover and awaken her own beauty and to bloom with pearl-like brilliance.



At this moment, it is also witnessing the opening of the new journey of pearlosophy 2.0, which is waiting for this brand that shows warmth, how to use love and heart to lead more women to pursue the attitude of “female beauty and independence” and carry out another amazing stage. Brand journey.

Pearlosophy pearl aesthetics

A luxury and skin care brand founded by Peggy Sun in 2016. The brand recommends the "female beauty and independence" lifestyle and the brand concept of "being love, sincerity". The products use precious raw materials from all over the world and quickly become the beauty skin care brand pursued by modern women.

Peggy visits raw materials suppliers around the world and carefully selects the ingredients and raw materials that are determined afterwards. All raw materials are certified with source to ensure that raw materials are free from contamination and infection. Detailed tracking and control are also available during transportation.

Zhenzhu Aesthetics uses word-of-mouth communication and rapidly emerging new media channels to lead the new and convenient sales model of the beauty industry, enabling countless women to achieve the duality of “personality and career”!

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