Yi Weini brand women show natural, elegant life taste

Yi Weini brand women show natural, elegant life taste

Modern life focuses on the natural environment, " Yi Weini " Zeyi concise, hearty attitude to express their own and humanistic color, with refined clothing products reflect the natural, elegant taste of life.

Style: stylish, simple and elegant


The target consumer group: "Vivendi" customer base for the 28-45-year-old knowledge-based fashion women, have a good aesthetic taste, elegant and easy-going lifestyle and habits. They are adept at capturing the afternoon sunshine, taste the elegant taste of coffee mate, enjoy the fun of design personality, very keen fashion sense.

Wearing occasions: relaxed and harmonious office, romantic casual fashion street, elegant and creative gathering, spiritual wisdom and business negotiation will be "by Vivendi" costumes show the stage of life.

依维妮品牌女装 展现自然、优雅的生活情趣

Product Structure: According to the trend of "Vivendi", the best fashion trends are devoted to the style of poetry, whether elegant and concise suit or windbreaker; whether it is natural knitwear or rich single style Products, etc. will reflect the "avi" aura and unique charm.

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