"Light fashion warm life" Feng Shaofeng led "flying down series"

"Light fashion warm life" Feng Shaofeng led "flying down series"

In 2012, as the first year of independent operation of CAC, successfully completed the brand and product upgrade, and won the praise of the industry. Into 2013, flying in the snow is to increase planning and input, to complete its marketing from the product to market planning, comprehensive reform. "A successful brand, derived from the trust of users, and this trust is the most powerful return in deep exploration of each customer's needs." Snow fly has always been consumer-led, combined with fashion trends, is committed to the new down jacket Innovative design, to bring consumers unique down jacket wearing experience. This fall, snow flying designers bold use of the most popular bright color candy colors and thin fashion design, launched feather down jacket, in the continuation of the summer light clothing, open the autumn warm life. In the snow fly to create a new "light fashion" snow flying for 13 consecutive years of national sales of down jackets in 2012, the apparel bold breakthrough in the past design, a comprehensive innovation and upgrading; successful signing movie star Feng Shaofeng; opened the snow fly "love feather" public welfare activities focused on consumer Those who are highly concerned about the industry and the industry, the industry has brought the quiet wave of change has quietly emerged. As a leader in the domestic fashion down jacket industry, Snow Fly cooperated strategically with world-class design company Peclers in 2013. Peclers Paris will provide color and design trends for snow fly products, fully participate in the design and development of snow fly products, Share international trend information resources. In this way, flying in the snow in style design and color with the synchronous development of international fashion, the choice of fabric also opened up more international channels, but also will redefine the tone and style of the brand. Today, "light fashion" has quietly become the concept of life and attitude of young people. "It is a subtraction process for fashion.We do not reject fashion, but found a more suitable way to express our innermost feelings and convey individuality in the process of discovering ourselves, and found a light lifestyle attitude that is more suitable for self and social balance." Snow fly as a "vibrant, enjoyable, fun," the brand DNA, winter clothes to become one of the most dynamic fashion brand, insight into the needs of young people, mining to meet the needs of the meeting point. This fall will be the yearning for the freedom of fashion groups - "light, thin, fashion," the main product flying snow wild flying "down feather series" to break the traditional down jacket making sewing process, simple and stylish style, the most popular bright Color candy colors and 20D ultra-thin new fabric, with a mini storage bag, easy to carry and so on, to meet the "light fashion" population appeal. According to the reporter's survey, many women are still wearing "beautiful frozen people" for beautiful autumn and winter seasons. Many of their male friends are not accustomed to wearing bloated thick clothes because they just entered the "cold mode." But the body is not only cold easily catch cold, but also make the metabolism slow down, decreased immunity, but also lead to various diseases. And cause physical discomfort. It is noteworthy that the fly in the sky, thin, stylish "flying feather series" is tailored for consumers such a continuation of "summer thin", without losing the "winter warmth" down jacket. Fabric is used in 20D ultra-thin new fabric, the fabric's high-density performance to achieve a very good warmth effect. For the convenience of traveling, tourists "thick" clothes, "small" space storage, carefully prepared mini storage bag. Costume colors also use bright color candy colors, so cool colors of the winter due to the "warm colors" appear to be vibrant. Of course, cold air favorite is the raid, so coat, coat, feather down this warm single product to preempt stock! Feather down series will launch a variety of beautiful colors, trendy style down jacket for everyone to choose! Not only with their own exclusive Of the "fashion range of children", but also free to go out with two people belong to the "Fan Range children." Flying in the snow is the intention to make consumers recognized clothing, only a leading sales, consumer reputation, down jacket industry leader status. "Light fashion, warm life," Feifei Feather down jacket series, will enable this winter "Fan children" a different wonderful.

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