Must pay attention to the purchase of crystal

Must pay attention to the purchase of crystal

Nowadays, there are more and more beautiful women who like crystals. In this small series, I will summarize some of the things you must pay attention to when buying crystals. I hope that all of them can help those who buy crystal jewelry!

1. Basically, the natural crystal clear crystal is a high-end goods, but the price is low, the beginners try not to touch, and then accumulate enough experience to say; you can choose some crystals with ice cracks, clouds, and inclusions. Because this crystal is less likely to be artificially synthesized.

2. It should be noted that pure transparent crystals are easy to be artificially synthesized, and the larger the larger the easier it is to make fakes; if the crystal contents are viewed with a high magnification magnifying glass, if there are bubbles, it may be artificial crystal.

3. Transparent white crystal, amethyst, and citrine, most of which are crystals, especially the necklaces and scriptures on which the Buddha statues and scriptures are carved. Pay special attention when purchasing.

4. Crystal, all kinds of phantom crystal, crystal column, crystal flower, crystal hole, crystal cluster, raw ore, less synthetic products, you can rest assured to buy. Crystal caves, crystal clusters, raw minerals should still pay attention to whether they have been repaired, especially in the caves, often with repair marks, it is not difficult to see.

5. When purchasing powder crystals, if the color of the powder crystal is too bright and uniform, it is very likely to be dyed. Powder crystal dyeing is very common.

6. Natural crystals feel cold when held by hand. If they are synthetic or simply acrylic or glass, they feel warm and warm.

7. If your hand veins are smooth, you can use the energy directly. The best way to use energy is, but the energy of natural crystal ore is more powerful.

After reading the above seven items that must be paid attention to when buying crystals, do you have any feeling of openness? For more information, please click on the Gems Encyclopedia!

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