Po Si Lu brand women tell a woman tender tenderness and feelings of the old days

Po Si Lu brand women tell a woman tender tenderness and feelings of the old days

" Baosilu " brand of fashion, mainly to take the elegant fashion line, choose the world-class popular fabrics, 90% of fabrics imported from Italy, Germany, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, the color of mature apricot / brown / Black and white red-gray series, supplemented by the annual popular color series, such as: Choi Lan, pink, Fenlv series. Maintaining their own main colors while keeping up with the annual international fashion color, always reflect the characteristics of fashion. At the same time with the clothing color series features and popularity, the introduction of scarves, bags, fashion shoes to meet the needs of exquisite customers!


"Baosilu" Japanese prototype cutting company as the basic type, in full accordance with the characteristics of the Asian body size, size is divided into S / M / L / XL, superb sewing technology, all reflect the company's product crafted ideas .
Baosilu company insists on the line of implicit but restrained yet stylish, each style has been carefully scrutinized, both in line with the popular fashion and taking into account the specific needs of the customer's dress, so that the wearer reflects the noble sense of each Independent style into the same color and can be any mix, so that each guest can wear out their own personality according to their own wishes.

宝丝露品牌女装 诉说女人的似水柔情和旧日情怀

"BUKSUK" "Baosilu" enjoy the creativity and imagination, so colorful exotic surrounded you. Let "BUKSUK" "Po Si Lu" looming around you, tell a woman's tender feelings and feelings of the old days.
Although we also believe in "simple is the classic," but in this luxurious era, women are still hard to resist the dazzling fashion.
"Pusi Lu, BUKSUK" with fur, pearl, with delicate lace and metal texture decorative your beautiful body, with the freedom of the series, highlighting your taste and personality, so that you more noble, beautiful and sexy!

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