The price of jadeite in Guangdong middle and low grades continued to fall

The price of jadeite in Guangdong middle and low grades continued to fall

The price of jadeite in Guangdong middle and low grades continued to fall In the past two months, the number of cheap jade stores in the Guangzhou market has been increasing, and the retail platform in the center of the city has been fully launched from the suburbs. The reporter examined the counter products of some newly opened jewelry stores and found that the price of jade jewelry was more than 50% cheaper than top-tier shopping malls.

Cheap store prices are much lower than shopping malls

The same color, texture, and size of the green belt pendant, in the newly opened jewelers, the price is as low as 700 to 1500 yuan, 985 yuan can buy a product with a sharp green color, and in a large shopping mall, the price of similar products up to 4500 ~6500 yuan; a better kind of water head bracelet, in the big shopping malls in the price of 11,000 to 18,000 yuan, while the parity shopping market price is only 5000 to 6,000 yuan.

In Guangzhou, similar low-cost sales patterns have blossomed. The Guangdong Gold and Silver Jewelry Association said in an interview that this type of low-price sales model is known as the jewelry “through train” and is a new marketing tool born in the second half of 2012. The reason why such a low price transaction can be achieved is that many jewellery companies have their own jade processing plants, which directly import raw materials from Myanmar, process them on the outskirts of the Pearl River Delta City, lease the surface shops in the city center, and produce one-stop sales. The intermediate link and logistics costs. This reflects the sluggishness of the industry from one aspect and the slow-moving retail industry. The processors must rely on the mode of dumping commodities to open the market.

Big shopping mall "jewelry festival"

Faced with the jewellery “through train”, large shopping malls in downtown Guangzhou also chose to “extend the discount period” to retain regular customers. In previous years, the status of promotional sales that had occurred during the festive season had been superseded by the “Jewellery Jade Festival” that was so numerous in 2012, and 50% off sale of jade has become commonplace. The more low-grade products, the more discounts. Soybean and bean green species bracelets are currently traded between 4000 and 10,000 yuan in Guangzhou and have basically returned to 2010 levels.

Emerald second-hand deal quietly rises

In 2012, under the background of the cold industry, the jadeite market went beyond the trend of price polarization. The prices of top-grade and high-grade jade continue to rise. The price of mid-range jadeite fluctuates, and the price of low-grade jadeite dives. In this situation, second-hand transactions in medium-to-high grade jadeite emerged quietly.

Of course, there is still a huge difference between the current repurchase market price and the retail price, and a 10-fold difference is commonplace. An ordinary ice bracelet that sells for 150,000 yuan in the Guangzhou retail market has a selling price of between 15,000 yuan and 25,000 yuan in the secondary market. Cai Zhiran, the general manager of Guangzhou Qiaofuyuan, believes that: “The price difference between the primary and secondary market is huge, mainly because the profit space of the jadeite industry is already larger after year after year. But as a business, it is impossible to be above the processing cost price. The acquisition of second-hand products. The emergence of the second-hand repurchase business itself indicates that the Jade Market will return to rationality."

If the industry continues to slump, there is still room for price cuts

Well, after the above-mentioned various price cuts, how much does the current emerald sell? Xiang Xiankai, Director of the Geological Testing Center of the Guangdong Geological Bureau, believes: Taking a bracelet as an example, the price of a white high ice jade bracelet should be between 500,000 and 1 million yuan; the price of a normal head with a spring ice bracelet is 200,000~ Between 300,000 yuan; the price of a good water-headed white bracelet is between 5,000 and 10,000 yuan; the price of a common bracelet is between 4,000 and 6,000 yuan; the price of a common bangle is the price of the bean and bean varieties. Between 1500~3500 yuan. If consumers can purchase within the above range, there should be no losses at this stage.

So, what is the current profit of jadeite merchants? The reporter visited the Guangdong Pearl River Delta, Jieyang jade processing companies and found: a piece of ordinary wool weighing 10 kg, the material price is generally up and down 50,000 yuan, can process at least 20 pairs of bean, bean green bracelet, countless pieces of pendant; mechanization In production, the production cost of each single product should be between 1000 and 1,500 yuan. Compared with the current market's "post-discount" price, there is still a 2-3 fold difference. For this reason, even if the logistics and marketing costs are taken into account, the jadeite industry's profits should still be above 50%; if the industry continues to be sluggish, it is not a problem to cut prices by 23% or more on the basis of the current situation.

The Tibetan saying

Yang Qingyan of Guangzhou Wenmu Investment Management Co., Ltd. is a senior collector. In her opinion, whether it is a "through train" or a "buyback market", it will help the jade market return to rationality. The Jade Market may need a depression period of 2 to 3 years to run the bubble. A substantial price cut for mid-to-low-end products is inevitable. 2012 is just a beginning; citizens can watch the opportunity to buy on the bargain in 2013.

Two points of experience are worth learning: First, Guangdong Province is the country’s largest jade processing base. Merchants directly ship Burmese raw materials into Guangzhou Customs instead of taking land; their wholesale and retail market prices are the lowest in the country and they are closer to Myanmar. In the provinces, the prices are as low as 10%~30%, and it is not necessary for collectors to be close to seeking a distance. The jargon says “adepts buy jade from Guangdong, and amateurs buy jade from the border”.

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