Quote: Zhejiang Changxing Textile City (December 11 to December 17)

Quote: Zhejiang Changxing Textile City (December 11 to December 17)

Quote: Zhejiang Changxing Textile City (December 11 to December 17) Lining, Fabrics: This week, the prices of lining fabrics were generally stable, and the sales of conventional “plain” fabrics were calm, while the twill weave lining products were better than the “plain” products. From the perspective of the variety trend, the volume of the light spinning textile market has gradually declined; five satin yarns are inexpensive and applicable, with a wide range of applications. Apart from being used in clothing and fabrics, they are also widely used in packaging materials for various types of gifts. The sales volume of lint has increased slightly and it is mainly used to make pajamas for spring and summer wear. The series of water-jet faucet twill products showed a rising trend this week, and the price trend remained stable. Among them, an 18*3*33 coarse and fine twill silk fabric was priced at 2.18-2.20 yuan per meter and 2.28-2.30 yuan respectively. / Meter, the product is used for casual clothing. Satin market volume slightly enlarged, mainly for home textiles, mainly to print, of which, an elastic jacquard satin cloth market is quite dynamic. This fabric uses 75D (bright) * 75D (low elasticity) + 40D (spandex) as raw materials, selected jacquard weaving on the weaving loom, and then after finishing, dyeing and other major processes from finishing. The cloth pattern has both three-dimensionality and layeredness, which is pleasing to the eye. Its fabric width is 148cm, the current market wholesale price of 10.00 yuan per meter above the pattern, the background is rich, can meet the different needs of people, it is not only suitable for the production of pajamas, nightgowns, etc., but also bedding, home decoration ideal Fabric. Water sprayed chunya spinning rough cloth sales. Polyester products in the upstream upside shocks. It is expected that the market outlook will be mainly adjusted, but it does not rule out price increases.

Light textile raw materials: In the past week, the downstream demand of the polyester filament market was weak, especially the signs of diminishing purchasing power in the previous days. However, on the 17th, the PTA** surged and the sales volume of polyester filaments increased significantly, which gave impetus to the polyester filament market in the later period.

Judging from the trend of market varieties, polyester filament FDY50D is still in demand in this market, but its price is low. Currently, the silk price is in the range of 12500-12700 yuan/T. It is used for weaving light textiles and satin printed grey cloths. The wire grade can be slightly lower; Great Light FDY75D/36F, the current price on the market is around 12,000 yuan/T, the lower one is 11800 yuan/T. The current center price of DTY75D/36F is 14100-14200 yuan/T, and some of the actual transaction prices fall into 14000-14100 yuan/T. The transaction volume of DTY75D/36F network wire has risen this week. The reason is that it interweaves with 75D/144F or DTY100D/144F to produce a full-bombed pongee-spun printed rough fabric. The production of polyester taffeta, semi-elastic pongee, and other plain linings are not effective, but some downstream weaving scale enterprises have no choice but to manufacture plain linings such as polyester taffeta, semi-elastic pongee, etc. in order to maintain production. Therefore, there are still FDY63D sales, and the current market price is 12,000-12200 yuan/T. At present, the upstream raw material slice has continued to increase, and it seems that in the short term, the transaction volume of the polyester filament market will be enlarged, and it is expected that the price of polyester filament will also have a trend of upward adjustment in the next week. The prices of individual varieties of pure polyester yarns have increased, of which the trading volume of pure polyester yarns can be 45s, but the recent up-and-down prices of polyesters and polyesters have been raised. Currently, the prices of products sent to the plants in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang markets are generally around 10900 yuan/T. The current price trend of T/C yarns is in a stable state.

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