Printing and dyeing factory is separated from a house by a wall

Printing and dyeing factory is separated from a house by a wall

Printing and dyeing factory is separated from a house by a wall Recently, some villagers in Dabu Village, Luan Town, Shaoxing County, Zhejiang Province, reported to this newspaper that they were next to a printing and dyeing factory. Every day, pollution such as exhaust gas, dust, and noise made them miserable.

The reporter saw from the balcony of Ms. Zhang’s home nearest to the printing and dyeing factory. The printing and dyeing factory and Ms. Zhang’s home were separated by less than five meters. The chimneys in printing and dyeing factories kept smoking. Ms. Zhang said that every day they have to endure unpleasant odors and dust. If the wind changes, they do not even dare to go out. The reporter found that this printing and dyeing factory is surrounded by houses. Many villagers told reporters that in addition to bad smell, the printing and dyeing factory also started work 24 hours a day. At night, the noise of the machine quarreled with their sleep. According to the villagers, the printing and dyeing factory has been operating for more than four years. During this period, they repeatedly reported to the relevant departments. The environmental protection department also came to see and issued rectification notices, but the situation has always been the same. According to informed villagers, there are two sets of machine and one printing machine in this factory, which have not been approved. As a result of reports from villagers, the Environmental Protection Bureau of Shaoxing County also stated that it would impose a penalty, but it has been inconclusive.

The reporter then went to the printing and dyeing factory to interview him. The person in charge, Mr. Chung, admitted that their printing and dyeing factories had an impact on the lives of the nearby villagers. However, he told reporters that they had already reported to the County Environmental Protection Bureau that when the orders are now completed, they are prepared. It was closed at the end of the year.

The reporter then contacted the Shaoxing County Environmental Monitoring Group. The relevant person in charge of the brigade told the reporter that the company mainly had problems of a few batches of construction and more. In November, they sent a rectification notice to the printing and dyeing factory. They will go to the scene to see if the unapproved equipment is still in use, they will order an immediate stop of production.

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