2008 type MM will lose tough flat sandals

2008 type MM will lose tough flat sandals

In the summertime, there is also a pair of flat sandals in your wardrobe. When you walk around the beach or go shopping, it is definitely more friendly and cordial than the high-heeled shoes. The flat-bottomed sandals of the season have, as a whole, increased toughness and lustrous temperament, and the design of patent leather or decorative metal fittings has made them look like rock.

Alexander McQueen black patent leather studded sandals

Price: £301.21

Metallic buckles and black patent leather form a hard texture with a hard texture. This looks a bit industrial. The use of screw-like metal connections not only serves a functional purpose, but also makes it more integral in terms of decoration. Sexually, similarly, on the lining of colors and textures, both of these enhance the design of this shoe and make it more unique to wear.

Chloe black patent leather broadband sandals

Price: £306.69

The bold rough lines make this shoe a bit of the concept of marching shoes. The use of patent leather material undoubtedly makes it out of this thick line of bloated and coarse. The wide weaving of the shoe body makes the shoe body more design sense, the heel part shows the delicate design of Chloe, and the metal decoration brings out the fineness. This stylized design will make the overall dress has a strong design concept. .

Christian Louboutin golden braided sandals

Price: £476.46

Flat gold sandals made of metal gold, like the braiding of wheat ears, are dazzling in this bright color. The relatively simple design uses a careful design. The slim heel strap is also very simple. Make this braiding and golden color mature, and there is a kind of gorgeous and dazzling flavor.

FENDI silver braided sandals

Price: £306.69

The concept of metal and industry embodied in this shoe is perfect, as the iron-like rotating webbing coils a post-industrial sense of future and threat with this silver fiber optic texture, as if the nets are intermingled together. This style of buckle design is also used in the design of the ankle, which makes it look very unique. However, having a pair of such shoes this season must be a good thing!

Giuseppe Zanotti fish bone crystal sandals

Price: £555.63

The fish bones inlaid with Swarovski crystals are decorated on Giuseppe Zanotti's Y-type shoes. This is undoubtedly the most surprising new design this season. Putting on such a stunning pair of sandals will definitely make you stand out in all flats. In addition, it uses a leather lace to connect with the body of the body to ensure the wearability and comfort. Extraordinary sources of inspiration inspired the desire of fashion lovers.

Giuseppe Zanotti Golden Gladiator Sandals

Price: £432.65

Golden laces are worn through the shoe body, which reminds people of insects. Maybe the inspiration for this shoe comes from there. The buckles and up to six braids make up the whole body of the shoe. The part of the heel, this concept is designed to make the shoes slightly full of complex design pitfalls.

Jimmy Choo White Studded Sandals

Price: £487.41

The pure white starry sky full of stars must be romantic and pure. Jimmy Choo let us see the magnificent white and the dense spots. The cross-body design and the heel's light connection make it easy for the front and back connections to reveal a simple, yet agreeable smile. The spring ambience is quiet at this time.

Marni patent leather geometric wide sandals

Price: £273.84

Shoes with a holistic feel will be easy to dress with. Marni simply completed the idea with a few geometric designs. The two varnished leather belts in maroon and black were simple. The simple concept and design filled with this overall sense of penetration. The slightly pointed toecaps This refined the design.

Sergio Rossi White U Leather Sandals

Price: £251.92

Pure white shoe body is not mottled, U-shaped body design is a bit warm atmosphere, this design is very soft, plus the toe design and some Chinese style inside, simple but atmosphere. The buckles and the overall heel of the heel have some essential decorative effects, which makes it look quite formal but without losing the sense of design.

Thomas Wylde black beaded high-top sandals

Price: £569.56

Strong hard-textured military designs are more or less shown here. Thick leather covers the ankles up to the lower legs, and is decorated with rough straps. The rivets on the toe cap fit the hard-core texture and this mad temperament coincides. In spring and summer, no matter with shorts Or tannin pants will show different aspects of women.

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