Teach you how to wear long-term hiking shoes

Teach you how to wear long-term hiking shoes

If the foot wears unsuitable shoes to climb, it will suffer unexpected pain. Even if it is customized, there is no guarantee that everything will be OK. It can be seen that the initial contact with the shoes is very delicate.

When buying shoes, first wear thin socks, then put on thicker climbing socks, and tie the straps. Then, look at whether the heel can insert a pair of fingers. If you want to go, the foot will penetrate, and Lightly buckle the ground with the heels, and then secure the straps. This will leave about one centimeter of space in the tip of the toe. Also, it is best to buy shoes at dusk, because this time is the most bloated time in the foot, so it is best to decide the size.

Do not tie too tightly when climbing a shoelace. If it is a formal hiking shoe, there may be a hook that can be fixed between the back of the foot or the ankle, and the foot part can be fastened, but the ankle part cannot be fastened.

However, when the mountain is down, the ankles must be fastened, so that the activities of the foot can become very light.

Even if you choose the right size shoes, it will take some time to adapt. For leather shoes, it takes at least ten days to adapt to the foot. This can be used to prepare a band-aid in the pocket so that when the skin feels discomfort, feel free to stick it, but don't wait until it feels painful, or it will be too late.

As the blisters get bigger, they have to suffer all day long. In order to avoid the affected part and use it, it will create blisters instead, or cause bruising when it goes down. Because the blisters are like (flying Mars), an oversight will cause a fire, so it should not be lighthearted.

What if I get blisters? Originally, blisters are caused by stimulating the skin more than necessary. Therefore, it is possible to attach a porous cloth to the blisters to reduce irritation and prevent blisters. Since the early treatment before breaking is the most important, if you break it, you have to do disinfection work and it is very troublesome.

Once the shoes are accustomed to the foot, they can't change anything else. But if you feel a bit uncomfortable, you can change to wear socks, and some people get comfortable with cushions.

All suitable shoes must be worn for a long period of time. Although it is necessary to take more care, it is not too time consuming. Simply wash with a brush and let it dry. Afterwards, apply a small amount of olein oil. At this time, the most important thing is that when the soles are worn out, they must be changed. For example, it takes about six or seven thousand yen to replace the granular soles. However, if you replace the shoes, you can maintain the condition suitable for the feet. .

Even light hiking shoes can be sent by manufacturers for replacement. In short, instead of spending money on new shoes, it's better to try to wear the right shoes for a long time. Need to know, there is (property) shoes is the property.

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