Irresistible Cute Charm Candy Shoes

Irresistible Cute Charm Candy Shoes

In the season of recovery of all things, beautiful women are probably busy doing their homework for their skin. They want to be more beautiful than flowers, and want to be tenderer than the sky. Isn't it time to consider a pair of shoes that look as beautiful as a beauty's face?

Mysterious magic paint shiny, dreamy small tip round, do not active little bows, a kind of irresistible charm! As if the boys are all enthralled with a long black hair, white face, do not have a gentle bow hairpin, who is not tempted by you?

Brand: pumpkin car

Reference price: 299 yuan

With suggestions: any lovely invincible T-shirts, skirts, small pettiskirts, princess dress out to wear it!

Barbie Dream Sweet Princess Wind continues to whistling in this season! I think this fashion is never out of date. The sweet feeling of a girl-like innocence is fascinating at any time, so designers always wear bows, light-weight lace shoes, wherever you can imagine. Just the right interpretation of this style.

Brand: D+AF

Reference price: 279 yuan

With suggestions: This season's popular small floral butterfly sleeve chiffon shirt with leggings or with a small shirt with the same color pants is just very suitable.

The petal-like bow reveals the beautiful curves of the beautiful women. It blooms on this pearly upper, like a mischievous little princess, and a blushing face chews a cherry-like mouth, which is enchanting and lovely.

Brand: D+AF

Reference price: 290 yuan

With suggestions: candy colors baby dolls, shorts, short skirts are suitable.

The high-quality patent leather emits a candy-colored lip gloss. Does it feel particularly suitable for a newly purchased lip gloss? The 11cm high heel, cute and self-cultivated, is the only choice for dating!

Brand: Wink

Reference price: 440 yuan

With suggestions: long T shirt with exaggerated belt, short Slim T-shirt plus short tight denim skirt is really great!

It is like a lovely bow on the school uniform of British Academy. It is well-crafted and delicate, and the small and cute round flat-bottomed shoes are simple and elegant. It is a style worth investing.


Reference price: 390 yuan

With the proposal: light white yarn cut into a casual one-piece skirt, barefoot wearing this pair of shoes is already beautiful.

The charm of candy shoes is unstoppable! There is no need to introduce too much. The beauties are already familiar with the fact that no matter how many merchants launch, there are still too many people and they will still be happy to buy. The reason is simple - so cute!

Brand: amai

Reference price: 390 yuan

With suggestions: Any length of jeans, Slim and loose can be the top, in short, to be fresh and cute on the line!

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