How to choose affordable and practical bedding

How to choose affordable and practical bedding

How to choose affordable and practical bedding

When it comes to bedding, there are so many beddings on the market. How can I choose a set of affordable and practical bedding? Insiders said that it is definitely not just to pick styles, but also to pay attention to the following elements:

From the perspective of environmental design

The pattern of bedding is an important element, and it is reasonable to choose the pattern according to your own preferences. But because bedding is not like clothing, it only needs to match the personal temperament, but it is used in the living room environment, which is a prominent point in the overall and harmonious environment. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the coordination with the room environment and the particularity of the room function.

Different fabrics will have different effects. The cotton linen is rough and warm, the printed cloth is plain and natural, the satin is rich and gorgeous, the velvet is elegant and solemn, the brocade is antique, and the gauze fabric is light and chic, but the texture is rough and the texture is smooth and the texture is cool. Therefore, the materials are different, the visual effects are different, the atmosphere of creation is different, and the decoration can be selected according to their own pursuits and tastes.


To buy bedding, we must first check the quality of the fabric, and the true quality of the fabric depends first on its density, which is the number of yarns and the number of yarns. Because the higher the density of the cloth, the better the quality of the cotton, the softer the hand, the more lustrous, and the higher the production process requirements. Therefore, the better the density, the better the quality of the fabric, whether it is pure cotton or polyester/cotton. . The products can show the noble and noble, luxurious and elegant high quality atmosphere. The latitude and longitude of the qualified products of the regular manufacturers is generally 76×68, and the latitude and longitude of the counterfeit products is lower than 76×68. The density of the fabric of Mengjie has reached 110×76, 136×76, the yarn count is 45×45, the multi-piece cotton density reaches 136×76, the yarn count is 45×45, and the high-density high-density cotton fabric has a warp density of 173×. 142, the yarn count is 60×60. ---- Second, the quality of the fabric lies in its printing and dyeing quality. The product with good quality, its pattern printing and dyeing is vivid and vivid, there is no printing, color difference, no dirt, discoloration phenomenon, and the fake and inferior products have obvious color difference, printing, decolorization occurs at any time.


Generally, the fabric is subjected to a post-processing process of singeing and mercerizing, so that the fabric does not easily pick up the granules and is not easily faded. If you do not go through this process, you will feel rough when you touch the fabric back and forth. If you wash it a few times, it may pick up the granules. In addition, cotton bedding is softer and has higher air permeability, but the price is more expensive. Therefore, there are some semi-cotton and semi-synthetic fiber products on the market. These materials will not be too wrinkled after washing, but cotton. After washing, most of them have to be ironed before they can be reused.


Regular factory workmanship is exquisite, smooth, and needle-free. The stitch length of flat seam is generally 10~12/3cm, while the fake and inferior products have long cable traces, obvious pinholes, and uneven stitches.

When choosing bedding, you should also pay attention to the integrity and consistency of the pattern; if there are small patterns on the left and right sides of the seam, the face and the lining pattern are not reversed, and the stripe and the grid are the opposite strips and grids.

Package identification

Each product of the regular manufacturer has a silk weaving trademark. The silk weaving trademark has the product model, washing method, fabric texture, etc., and has a fixed trademark position. Just look at the trademark and pick a few beds of the same type of quilt at the time of purchase, and check if the trademark is in a fixed position.