2012 Unlimited Insole Industry Business Opportunities: The Heat of Competition Needs to be Reshuffled

2012 Unlimited Insole Industry Business Opportunities: The Heat of Competition Needs to be Reshuffled

In 2012, real estate was in recession, finances were in recession, and coins were shrinking. Affected by the continuous regulation of real estate and the impact of European and U.S. financial debt, the reporter found that all the leading companies in the industry had begun to decline. In contrast, investment entities have become the target of many investors.

According to statistics, the annual sales of underwear in China are more than 500 billion yuan, and it is growing at an annual rate of nearly 20%. The underwear industry has invested less, risks are lower, the cycle is short, and profits are high. It has attracted widespread attention from investors. Many people Get ready to join the underwear industry to dig gold.

So invest in the underwear industry in the end do not make money? In response to this problem, the reporter specifically interviewed Mr. Zou Jifu, executive director and marketing director of Hong Kong Yarn Apparel Group. Zou Dong briefed the reporter on the status quo and development prospects of China's underwear industry.

Regarding the status quo of underwear industry, Zou Dong told reporters that at present, although the sales of underwear industry in our country show a steady growth, the outlook is very optimistic. However, there are also certain problems. For example, domestic underwear has a "three-in-one" phenomenon. It is not only because of homogenization of products, diversification of brands, and intense competition. The underwear industry needs to be reshuffled. In the future market competition, only those brands that have the advantages of technology, fashion, environmental protection, and craftsmanship will be able to differentiate themselves by seeking to differentiate their brands. Nowadays, with the advancement of women's economic status and aesthetic concepts and the sublimation of health concepts, those light, comfortable, elegant and environmentally friendly underwear will become the mainstream of consumption. Therefore, for underwear companies, it is necessary to make a fuss about the differences in building brands and enhance the added value of products so that consumers can find you in dazzling and diverse lingerie brands, understand you, choose you, and finally become a brand. The long-term fans, this is a successful brand.

It is understood that love yarn baby underwear adjustment continues to be bold in innovation in technology, environmental protection, light and thin fabrics, products are not only light, comfortable, warm, flexible, machine washable, not deformed, but also can nourish the skin, massage breasts, skin care To prevent various breast diseases. It is no exaggeration to say that if a woman chooses a love ring, she will buy herself a breast health product. She brings not only pure beauty but also a healthy and happy life.

Love yarn baby underwear Zhejiang Jinhua's franchisee Ms. Zhu Aiwu told reporters that she joined the love yarn baby underwear brand is optimistic about the core competitiveness of love yarn baby, in the prevailing wind underwear industry, the situation, love yarn baby underwear unique way to Technology leads fashion, the brand is highly differentiated, strong in competitiveness, and has high value-added products, bringing her an annual income of over one million.

A few days ago, the sleek and stylish listing of the new chamois bra in the spring and summer of love yarn, still retains the consistent style of lightness, sexiness, elegance, and health. It also incorporates fashionable elements and continues to stimulate women's desire to purchase. In spring and summer, the new love yarn veil feathers feather feather memory bra, using imported peacock feather lace lace and phantom crystal yarn perfect combination, so that beautiful women, as the spring peacock to ease the opening of the peacock, bright and cursive; Spring day whisper magnetic bra, Inner magnetic therapy, all-day care of a woman's beauty chest; erotic estrus bra gauze, light texture, giving the breath of spring, summer cool; blue and white classical bra, kiln burning, celadon freehand, between clouds, time flies . If the hidden veil is mysterious, it is the temptation of a deep “V”. One more point is stiffer, and one minute is more popular, but the love yarn baby is just good.

Industry experts said that modern women have a fast pace of work, stress, sitting in the office for a long time, fatigue, and tend to be light, thin, soft, comfortable, non-oppressive, and with health care functions. This will be the future development of underwear. the trend of. The health-conscious adjustment underwear represented by Yoshisha baby's underwear adjustment is the reason why the popular demand caters to the new needs of urban women. It is a good way to interpret and interpret women's psychology, so it captures the hearts of millions of women.

In 2012, high-quality, environment-friendly functional underwear will become the mainstream consumer trend. Eco-friendly underwear represented by Yoshisha Baby's adjusted underwear will lead the fashion with science and technology and will be popular. By then, the business opportunities in the Chinese underwear industry will be further released.

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