MIXTIE beauty poetry women's Guangzhou Zhengjia Square counter image

MIXTIE beauty poetry women's Guangzhou Zhengjia Square counter image

MIXTIE beauty poetry women's Guangzhou Zhengjia Square counter image

Guangzhou Dingou Fashion & Fashion Co., Ltd. is a company integrating development, production, marketing and service, diversified management companies, the company introduced a modern information management system, with a sound organization and management system, advanced business philosophy, large-scale production entities With a marketing management system and a strong design team, the brand strategy is being fully implemented. Since its establishment in 1998, the company has been keeping abreast of international trends, grasping trends, capturing markets accurately, and continuously introducing high-quality talents to join in and foreign advanced equipment to construct a good development platform for Dingou Fashion. The company headquarters consists of six major centers. Human resource management center, product research and development center, production management center, marketing management center, commodity logistics center, financial management center.

The company's brand "MIXTIE" relies on French fashion culture with its artistic appeal as its brand heritage. Its design is inspired by fashion, future, and popular French fashion. It is also smart, flattering, and tasteful beyond conventional fashion. "MIXTIE The values ​​of fashion, elegance, self-confidence, and taste are determined to create a tasteful, fashionable dress culture and high-quality lifestyle for target consumers. Companies rely on resources in the management system, scale, human resources, product development, marketing, etc., combined with the cooperation of well-known foreign designers to fully create "MIXTIE" new products.

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