Dry cleaning, not any clothes can be

Dry cleaning, not any clothes can be

Dry cleaning, not any clothes can be In this era of ever-accelerating life, time is getting more and more precious! A lot of fashion white-collar workers get laundry dry cleaning because they don't have time to wash clothes! As everyone knows, there is a risk of dry cleaning, the choice must be careful.

Is all the clothes suitable for dry cleaning? actually not. Instead of dry cleaning, dry cleaning uses organic solvents to remove dirt from clothes. It is called dry cleaning because the solvents used for washing are not exposed or exposed to water, and do not penetrate fibers like water. Like that. One of the benefits of dry cleaning is the use of dry cleaning oils to remove oily dirt from clothes; washing can't. However, the solvents and processes used in dry cleaning can cause some garments to deform or even deteriorate! Many people have reported that very expensive clothes were sent to the dry cleaners after they were washed, which caused many disputes.

So what kind of clothes is suitable for dry cleaning? Natural fabrics such as wool sweaters and silk garments are very good at dry cleaning, and such fabrics may be washed and shrunk, wrinkled, and faded. Generally speaking, woolen suits, sweaters, cashmere coats, suede leather coats, fur coats, etc. are suitable for dry cleaning, and hand washing may cause pattern loss or staining. In addition to this, there are still some worst-worn linen items. Easy-to-fade clothes require dry cleaning. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester, cotton, acrylic, acrylic, vinylon, and acrylic are generally good physical and mechanical properties, and can be hand-washed and machine-washed.

The following clothing should consider the consequences when using dry cleaning:

1 Clothing with chemical fiber texture: High temperatures and organic solvents can make it hard.

2 down jacket: Dry cleaning will make down jacket defatted, destroy the elasticity of down, and reduce the warmth.

3 corduroy clothing: After dry cleaning, the suede may fall off.

4 Clothing containing artificial leather: It may become hard or even broken after dry cleaning.

5 accessories with more accessories: like beads, buttons and other accessories, will be deformed in high temperatures.

6 Clothing with large color difference: easy to cross-color when dry cleaning.

The clothing of the general regular manufacturers will mark the correct washing method on the tag. Just follow the instructions of the washing label. To remind everyone is that if the clothes retrieved from the dry cleaners are covered with plastic bags, be sure to remove the plastic bags when they are stored, otherwise the skin will absorb the gas of tetrachloroethylene and cause dizziness, nausea and other symptoms, therefore, dry cleaning Don't wear clothes afterwards. It's best to dry them in a well-ventilated place.

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