God medicine rosewood is not only used to make furniture

God medicine rosewood is not only used to make furniture

In the natural world, rosewood is a precious tree species and one of the most precious gems. My understanding of the preciousness of rosewood began with the charm of “her”.

In the early 1990s, during my work at the Highway Transportation Management Office and the Key Project Management Office of the Department of Transportation of Hainan Province, I suffered from a serious allergic skin disease. I had a terrible show on my arms and legs. Itching, no peace day and night, seriously affecting work and daily life. At that time, although many Chinese and Western medical doctors in Guangzhou and Hainan had been diagnosed and treated, it was only good or bad, and the condition was fickle. It was not cured and turned into stubborn illness, and it suffered from the disease for several years.

In the past, my family and many friends and relatives were everywhere asking me for medicine. However, I have not been able to find a good recipe for a long time. Everyone is very anxious. People often cloud: unfortunately not a book. At that time, my aunt had just returned home from Thailand to visit relatives. When everyone gathered again and again, my aunt was shocked to see the condition of my hands and feet. She provided a folk recipe for Thailand. She said: "Thailand's 'Fanzai' in the foothills of Thailand's foothills, if skin itching, commonly used lush wood (ie, rosewood) crumb slices of water, wash the affected area of ​​the skin, you can be cured!" I suggest I may try this secret recipe. My mother was also an old returned overseas Chinese who had brought me back to China from Thailand. She suddenly realized: “However, how do I forget this “Fan” soil recipe?” “On the spot, you must marry me and you must do everything possible. Find this rosewood to cure the disease.

On one occasion, I went to the Baisha Li Autonomous County on a business trip and went to the Longyan Mountainous Area in the old ** base area to inspect the construction of local highways in the area. The County Bureau of Transportation sent Zhou Zhou, a local Li compatriot, to go with him. When we ate together at the county guesthouse that night, I told the Secretary Zhou that she had long suffered from skin problems and asked about the purchase of rosewood. He said happily, “Old Korea, you can all work without fear of working to our mountains and old forests. We must find the rosewood to cure you!” So, early in the morning of the next day, Secretary Zhou really got it. A piece of horn wood rosewood gave me. I said to him happily: "Thank you so much! How much money I bought! I have to pay!" he said with a smile: "This is something my old man has treasured for many years. I don't pay you money. I'll give it to you. Take it back and use it. If it doesn't work enough, I'll find a way to find a friend and go to the East for Thanksgiving. To get on the Russian Yin Ling, where the yellow rosewood is the superior product!” So ​​I also learned that Oriental Thanksgiving There are so noble babies on the blessed earth.

I took this rosewood back to Haikou. My old mother in her eighty-year-old was very happy. As soon as she received the hand, she couldn't wait to start processing immediately. She carefully scraped the chips out of yellow rosewood with a knife, put it in a small ceramic jar, and boiled it with water. After about 20 minutes, the smell of fragrance was ceased. When it was cool, I used a small towel to soak the syrup. Washing the affected areas of the hands and feet, I felt very comfortable and my condition improved quickly. After about six or seven days of treatment, I gradually recovered. At that time, my old mother was really overjoyed. She said: "We are very good at this kind of rosewood in Hainan!" And I'm even more happy.

After my pear skin cured my skin disease, once I went to Baisha to accept a new bridge, I went to the County Bureau of Transportation and went to the door to thank the Secretary Zhou for presenting Rosewood's kindness. He smiled and said, “No more. Thanks! I'm very glad to have cured your illness. It also proves that rosewood really has medicinal value."

I think that this doctor was a good eye for Hainan's rosewood!

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