Pinghu Clothing Bags and Scraps Dispose of New Regulations

Pinghu Clothing Bags and Scraps Dispose of New Regulations

Yesterday, the reporter learned from Pinghu City Environmental Protection Bureau that in order to further improve the collection and disposal level of clothing bags and scraps, and continuously improve the urban and rural environment, the city has recently received new opinions on the collection and disposal of clothing bags and scraps. “The new opinion is based on 'district management', based on market-based collection and specialized disposal, with strict law enforcement and responsibility assessment as guarantee, and more improvement and improvement than the previous method.” Pan Yunfeng, chief of the management department, said.

It is understood that the city began its series of trials as early as 2001 on the disposal of clothing bags and scraps. At that time, the city promulgated the “Implementation Measures for the Intensive Disposal of Garment Bags and Side Materials (Practical)” (hereinafter referred to as “Measures”) in the city. Zhejiang Yida Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. invested 3 million yuan for the needs of breeding fish. The special waste incineration and disposal of scrap is used to supply the heat generated by scrap burning to the greenhouse of cultivated fish. At the same time, Yida Group also set up Pinghu Blue Sky Solid Waste Disposal Co., Ltd. to start collecting the leftovers produced by the clothing and bag companies in the city. However, with the commissioning of the Yida Group’s ornamental fishery base in Hainan, the company’s demand for scrap has been greatly reduced since the beginning of last year, and the phenomenon that garment trim leftovers burning and dumping everywhere has been rebounded after being effectively regulated.

“In the course of the operation, we discovered that with the emergence of clothing bag trim points and the advancement of beautiful rural construction, many new problems have also emerged, but the “Measures” did not specify this.” Pan Yunfeng said at Yida Group After exiting the collection of clothing and luggage scraps, the city started to improve the "Measures" accordingly.

The reporter found that comparing the two documents before and after, the newly issued opinions on the town (street) is responsible for the environmental quality and environmental health of the subject has been clear, will take the responsibility to urge enterprises and scrap material acquisition point and the collection company signed a collection of transport agreements, daily Inspection and other responsibilities. Pan Yunfeng believes that towns (streets) are more familiar with the situation within their area of ​​jurisdiction. With their active participation, on the one hand, they can further improve the signing rate of the disposal of garments and bags on enterprises. On the other hand, through daily inspections, they can find the accumulation of the first time. The scraps in the field are prepared for timely disposal.

In addition, the newly issued opinions stipulate that the collecting scope of the collecting enterprise includes the scrap left inside the garment packaging company, the unused corners of the garments at the acquisition point, and the scrap left over from the field locations around the factory, towns, villages, and highways. According to reports, previously collected companies are only responsible for collecting scraps within the contracted companies. Outside the company, they are not within the scope of their collection. Usually, the collection companies do not actively collect them out of consideration for costs. “The coverage that we have now gathered has been expanded, and we can effectively avoid the emergence of fish that leaks through the net. Therefore, the urban and rural environment is even more protected,” said Pan Yunfeng. According to preliminary calculations, after the expansion of the scope of the collection, it is expected that the scrap purchased will reach about 11,000 tons per year, which is almost the amount of clothing bag trim produced in the year.

It is reported that after the withdrawal of Yida Group, Pinghu Delixi Changjiang Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. took over the baton for disposal. Currently, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and the Municipal Bureau of Enforcement and Law Enforcement are jointly recruiting qualified collection companies. After the collection company is in place, the collection and disposal of garments and bags will be fully carried out in the new year.

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