Fashion needs a healthy attitude

Fashion needs a healthy attitude

Violet Bio-spinning database English name: Violet

Chinese name: Violet full name: Violet vitality home textile five series: antibacterial anti-mite series / children's heart series /

Moisturizing Rejuvenation Series / Extremely Cool Ice Series /

360° body protection series /

Origin: In 1995 <br> <br> source of inspiration: 1/3 guardian of human life

Stay energized and always sexy, enjoy the joy and health of fashion

Fashion needs a healthy attitude

There is a saying that "every woman must have a pair of good shoes." Similarly, "every woman should also have a set of fashionable bedding", keep energy and always sexy, enjoy the joy of fashion and full of healthy vitality - this It is the Violet Life Machine Home Textile that can bring every woman. She is not only a simple bedding, but also a symbol of fashion, a healthy guardian and an essential item to release passion and relieve stress.

About Violet's home textiles, you must know a few secret medicine and cosmetics-level production workshops.

All raw machine tools are firstly sterilized by ultraviolet rays and ozone in a medical and cosmetic production workshop to prevent any cross infection. After full sterilization, high speed and strong wind are used to remove dust, hair and dander. The isolation equipment is then used for thorough cleaning and maintenance. Finally, natural antibacterial and anti-caries factors are added through original patented technology. All products are sealed in nitrogen-filled and ready to use.

Long-lasting antibacterial and anti-mite, zero pollution

Kill more than 650 kinds of bacteria in three minutes without any resistance and zero irritation to the skin. After washing 20 times, the antibacterial rate was maintained above 90%. After repeated washing for 50 times, there is still a good anti-mite effect. Recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization).

Fashion element, return to the true

Choose the most popular fabrics of the moment, take the most cutting-edge fashion elements, and design the special pattern. The overall color is unique, elegant and natural. Or quiet and feminine, or elegant and luxurious, or fresh and romantic, or British. No matter how the fashion changes, you can always find your one.

Fashion needs a healthy attitude

Bedding is the most primitive art of life

The sun is warm, the cold is smelly, the breath is closed with weight, you get rid of the secular bondage, break through the shackles, feel the purity, listen to the wind and rain, run to the natural dreams, return to the most primitive This real Violet, with meticulous research, gives meticulous care and a healthy and elegant attitude towards a healthy philosophy of life.

About Birthday Party Hat, from the material, we have paper hat and non-woven fabrics. Size for adults and children.

Many colors and design for your choose.

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Production Capacity: 1800MT/Month
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