Summer vacation with children to travel a good seaside tourism what to wear

Summer vacation with children to travel a good seaside tourism what to wear

Tomorrow is July 1, the real summer time is up, this holiday is no different for office workers, but for students is definitely a good holiday to relax, July 1 is really hot, when the heat This month, the summer vacation to prevent heat stroke, two months of summer vacation does not go out to travel that is sorry for such a long vacation, with children where to travel well? What clothes to wear Small caterpillar children wear summer travel by the sea, the beach can also be very comfortable, fashion dress absolutely indispensable, pink irregular T-shirt style with a striped leggings, fluorescent green T-shirt with jeans, simple T-shirt with fashion The trend, the absolute eye-catching at the beach. Little girl traveling by the seaside always pick up the seashell to take pictures, this sleeveless dress with a braided sun hat, this dress is absolutely conspicuous in the seaside photographed, the sea breeze blowing, picking up the shell how little girl care ?

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