LN fashion for new women in China and Egypt to create a new image

LN fashion for new women in China and Egypt to create a new image

On June 27, on the 62nd anniversary of Egypt, the two ancient civilizations gathered together. China and Egypt jointly held a series of exchange activities on the "Ladies and Gentlemen of Smart Ladys" The noble Pharaoh's children bring a feast of fashion that belongs to us.

During the event, the walls of the south hall of the embassy were covered with Egyptian artworks of different styles. The exquisite craftsmanship enabled the guests to stop by a unique perspective. In the north hall, the high-end fashion visuals from the LN fashion brand The language expresses the blessing and respect of Egyptian women

As we all know, China and Egypt are two ancient civilizations in the world and the two major origins of human civilization. In these two great countries with their cultural heritage accumulated over thousands of years, there are too many cultural heritage and national history that have marveled and looked upon the whole world. They also have very unique national aesthetic characteristics in the clothing culture. It is precisely for this deep history and culture should attract the public's attention, the moment, how to make the world aware of New Egypt, New China has become a very important and time-the significance of the topic. Among these, the new image of the new women in China and Egypt has become a hot spot of particular concern to all.

As a representative of the new Chinese female image, LN Fashion Company is highly recognized by many fashion big countries such as Italy, France and Japan with the core technology of "making the supremacy for the trumpet and tailoring the division", so that the fit precision of the garments reaching the customized products , And will improve the proportion of body, comfort and convenience into them, and greatly simplifies the complicated process of advanced custom products, so that the fixed design process more intuitive and easy, more accurate and easy, between the high-level customization and clothing opened up a "custom level Clothing "brand new concept unit. Let the world see a Chinese independent brand with world-class highest level of process technology independent of foundry manufacturing and single design work.


Mr. Chen Chen, General Manager of LN Brand Beijing Lianuo Fashion Co., Ltd. attended the event and explained the cultural meanings behind each piece of LN Fashion for the guests from all embassies. These works do not overemphasize the elements of the nation and hide the atmosphere, depth and glamor of the two countries behind the implicit and concise products, demonstrating superb platemaking techniques. The international mainstream fashion shows the unique aesthetic ideas of both countries. In the exchange process, the Egyptian embassy counselor lady dressed in LN fashion, from time to time as a narrator for the introduction of LN friends. The new image fashion show will continue to be held until July 29, the product will be moved to Guanghua Road, Winterthur LN custom club to continue to service.

Chen Chen said that like China's 5,000 years of culture, Egypt on the Nile River will always shine brightly in the history of mankind, and women who grow up in this light will let the world see their distinctive wisdom and grace With fashion.


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